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3 Common Signs You Need a Laptop Repair January 18, 2018

Charleston, Staten Island
3 Common Signs You Need a Laptop Repair  , Staten Island, New York

From important work files to family photos, many people store some of their most precious items on their laptops. Yet, many fail to address issues with their system until it’s too late. To avoid a complete breakdown or breach, it’s important to look out for the first signs of a problem. Protect your system and personal information when you stay on top of laptop repairs.

Do You Need a Laptop Repair? 3 Reasons You Might

1. Sluggishness

Sometimes, a slow-running laptop simply means you have nearly used up all your disk drive space. In this case, you would only need to delete some files or move them to an external disk to improve usability. Other times, a laptop that frequently freezes or lags signals a software malfunction. Whether due to erroneous data or corrupt files, potential software malfunctions require the assessment of a professional. 

2. Overheating

laptop repairLaptops may naturally emit some level of heat when powered on. However, if it feels very hot to the touch, your computer’s internal cooling system may not be functioning correctly. A professional may need to take apart your laptop, clean the fan, and help cool the CPU and graphics card. If you continue to let your laptop run at high temperatures, the heat may lead to severe damage to internal components or even a complete breakdown. 

3. Strange Behavior 

If you don’t have an anti-virus or anti-malware software installed, your system may be vulnerable to a variety of computer viruses hidden in web pages or in downloaded programs. Common symptoms of computer viruses include pop-ups, crashing, slowness, or hard drive malfunctions. If you notice your computer exhibiting strange behavior, seek support right away. Without care, many common viruses can lead to a serious breach of your personal information. Some may even cause your system to crash irreparably.


If you’re in need of a laptop repair, contact Staten Island, New York’s experts. With over two decades of experience in laptop, printer and PC repair, you can count on the professionals from Alpha Laser Richmond Corp. to help your system run as efficiently as possible. To learn more about the premier team, visit the website.  You can also call a friendly professional at (718) 317-1263.

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