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A Brief Guide to Land Clearing March 26, 2018

Helena Flats, Flathead
A Brief Guide to Land Clearing, Helena Flats, Montana

Land clearing is necessary before a new road or structure can be built, even just to install a utility line. Essentially, it’s the process of removing trees, stumps, and brush from an area. Whether you’re planning to clear land yourself or hire someone to do it, it’s important to understand the basics. Take a look at the information below before taking action.

The Basics of Land Clearing

What Are the Different Types?

Varying levels of land clearing are available, and the one performed depends on the site’s intended purpose. Basic clearing only involves cutting down trees and vegetation. Grubbing also eliminates stumps and roots, and scalping means removing everything down to, but not including, the topsoil.

What Equipment Is Used?

land clearingThroughout the land clearing process, trees are cut down, stumps are removed or ground up, and everything is hauled away. Depending on which type of land clearing is needed, bulldozers and backhoes may be used. If grading is required—which is common before construction—a tractor or grader may also be used.

What Is the Cost?

Several considerations affect the cost of land clearing. Heavily forested or sloped lots can be more expensive to clear, as well as land that needs to be graded. If you have a sizable lot to clear, it’s more cost-effective to hire professionals to do the job, rather than renting equipment and attempting it yourself.


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