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What Is "Backline" & Why Is It So Important? March 28, 2018

Batavia, Genesee
What Is "Backline" & Why Is It So Important?, Batavia, New York

Staging a large-scale concert means so much more than setting up instruments and video equipment. One of the most crucial components, backline, often goes unaddressed until showtime, creating a less than optimal sound for your band and audience. Understanding what backline is and why it is such a critical part of a concert will help you prepare for the event with a logistical advantage.

What Is Backline, Anyway?

backlineIn the simplest terms, backline refers to the gear a band needs to create and amplify their music. From amps and speakers to instruments and drum kits, the band’s backline supplements the music and broadcasts the show to an audience. The backline is set up according to the size of the venue, the type of music being played, the expected number of audience members, and the instruments in use. The larger the venue or crowd, the more power will be required, creating the need for a more robust backline. 

Why Does Backline Matter?

Without the proper amps, mics, and instruments, there would be no show to enjoy. Consider the musicians you have seen in concerts playing alone on the sidewalks. Their lack of equipment only allows them to distribute a small amount of sound for passersby to enjoy. When the venue is larger and there are more people in the audience, the musician must incorporate more equipment to make up for the space, reverberation, and absorption of sound. 

Because bands play a multitude of venues, it’s unlikely they have the backline equipment to stage every show. Instead, they rely on the venue to supply the necessary components or a rental resource to ensure high-quality sound. 


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