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How to Choose Between Bath Refinishing & Tub Liners March 6, 2018

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How to Choose Between Bath Refinishing & Tub Liners, Highland, Maryland

Nothing will make your bathroom look tired and outdated like a chipped, cracked bathtub. Both bath refinishing and tub liners allow you to completely change the look of the fixture without the expense or disruption of replacing the whole thing, but how do you choose the best approach? Each method has its own drawbacks and advantages.

Should You Choose Bath Refinishing or a Tub Liner?

Bath Refinishing

bath refinishingWhen refinishing a bathtub, the contractor will carefully scrub off the old finish and fill any cracks or chips before applying a new coating. Because this new finish is essentially a special type of paint, it can be applied to almost any type of bathtub and is available in almost every color you can imagine. Although it’s the most versatile and least expensive way to revamp an old tub, bath refinishing does take a while. In most cases, you won’t be able to use the bathtub for approximately three days.

Tub Liners

Instead of a liquid coating, a tub liner is essentially a new acrylic piece that fits neatly over your existing bath. While they can completely reinvent your bathroom, they can only be used on cast iron or steel bathtubs, so if yours is acrylic, you’ll have to go with refinishing. While they might be more expensive than a new finish, tub liners are more durable and can be installed in a single day after arriving from the manufacturer.


If your bathtub is looking old, faded, and tired, the tub repair experts at Betz Enterprises in Highland, MD, will make it look like new. Their highly trained professionals use only the best materials in the business, giving your tub a beautiful new finish that will last for years. To discuss your bath refinishing project and request an estimate, visit their website or call (301) 854-0990.

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