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If your jetted tub isn't bubbling the way it used to or your Jacuzzi is running cold, call the tub repair specialists at Betz Enterprises Inc. These experienced professionals have a wide range of solutions for any tub or spa problem, and will get your fixtures looking and working as good as new. Their extensive list of services includes everything from cosmetic damage to mechanical flaws, so they can take care of anything you need.

Betz Enterprises Inc. repairs almost any make and model of spa or jetted tub, including top brands such as Kohler®, American Standard®, Jacuzzi® Whirlpool Bath, Aquatic Industries, Sterling®, and many more. They offer porcelain and fiberglass repairs, as well as expert steam generator repairs and refurbishing. So, instead of replacing your damaged pool, save money with a little attention from the professionals.

You can also rely on their highly trained technicians for any kind of custom service. Whether you need to make your spa handicapped accessible, or even require a more specialized service, they're committed to being your one-stop shop.

Visit Betz Enterprises Inc. online to see everything they have to offer, or just call (301) 854-0990 to discuss your tub repair and restoration needs today.

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