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FAQs on Obtaining Disability Benefits March 12, 2018

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FAQs on Obtaining Disability Benefits, Ralston, Nebraska

If a serious accident or chronic illness prevents someone from returning to work, it can be devastating. Dealing with any kind of disability is both physically demanding and emotionally draining, but for many people, their biggest worry is their financial security. Although Social Security disability benefits can help, the application process is complicated. Fortunately, compassionate consultants can guide claimants through every stage of the proceedings and answer all their questions along the way, including the following.

FAQs on Disability Benefits

Can You Recover Workers’ Compensation & Disability Benefits Simultaneously?

disabilityIf the disability is the result of a work injury, you may be able to receive both disability benefits and workers’ compensation; however, be prepared for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to adjust the benefits accordingly. Typically, your total earnings from both programs cannot exceed 80% of your original income. 

How Long Is the Application Process?

It is wise to apply for disability benefits as soon as possible. The initial application can take between two to three months, and if it is denied, it can take another two to three months to receive a decision regarding the appeal and then can take 14-26 months for a hearing to be scheduled before an Administrative Law Judge. At the end of the day, the total duration of the proceedings will depend on the strength of the documents in your application.

Can You Work While Receiving Benefits?

Disability benefits are intended to help individuals who cannot earn a living wage because they have a qualifying condition. Thus, if you are capable of working, you are technically ineligible for the program; however, there are exceptions. For example, in some cases, a recipient may be able to work up to 20 hours per week.

Will Disability Benefits Affect My Pension?

In most cases, disability benefits will not affect pension earnings; however, a pension could affect the total amount of disability benefits that someone receives. Although this program is not technically need-based, benefits can be reduced if your pension contributions were exempt from Social Security taxes and you have not paid enough into the system through payroll taxes as a result.


If you have additional questions about applying for disability benefits or want to file an appeal, turn to Disability Claim Consultants. Based in Omaha, their team has more than 40 years of combined experience helping people secure the benefits they deserve. Visit their website to learn more about the comprehensive advocacy services they provide clients throughout Omaha, eastern Nebraska, and western Iowa. You can schedule a consultation by calling (402) 422-1000. 

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