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Disability Claims Consultants

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If you’re having trouble navigating the complex paperwork of Social Security and disability benefits, Disability Claim Consultants of Omaha, Nebraska, is ready to help you make sense from the confusion. Their experienced team is dedicated to helping residents of Nebraska and Western Iowa get the disability benefits they have earned. Founded by President Lori Liekhus in 2000, the team at Disability Claim Consultants has over 40 years of combined experience advocating for people who are significantly limited in their ability to work due to physical and/or mental illness.

Disability Claim Consultants knows the stress and uncertainty that comes along with filing for disability benefits, but they also know that in order to be successful in your disability claim, you need the right assistance. Their team uses a client-centered approach to guide you through the application process and all levels of appeal.  They believe that forming a solid relationship with their clients is a valuable part in reaching a successful conclusion

To find out more about how Disability Claim Consultants can work for you call them at 402-422-1000 or visit their website at dccomaha.com.  Don’t try to navigate this complicated process on your own – reach out to an experienced, trustworthy advocate in Disability Claim Consultants. They offer caring, yet aggressive representation to help you get the benefits that you have earned.

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