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5 Common Causes of Sports Injuries February 10, 2018

Warsaw, Wyoming
5 Common Causes of Sports Injuries, Warsaw, New York

While physical fitness is essential to keeping the body healthy, there are times when these activities can lead to problems. Specifically, when athletics cause constant stress to muscles, joints, and other tissues, injuries can occur. That’s why Step by Step Physical Therapy encourages all athletes to take the time to learn about how damage happens and how to prevent it. To help you stay active and healthy, this rehabilitation clinic of Warsaw, NY, highlights what to know about a few common sports injuries.

5 Typical Reasons Why Sports Injuries Happen

1. Inflexibility

When you put stiff muscles into motion, tissues can strain or tear, causing severe pain, soreness, and spasms. Thorough, regular stretching is the best way to prevent these complications, as these repetitive movements keep tissues flexible. Additionally, light warm-ups before practice get the blood pumping, providing muscles with essential strengthening nutrients.

2.  Excessive Use

Completing the same motions on a regular basis or overexerting yourself can gradually place stress on joints and muscles. Common examples of overuse injuries include runner’s knee, shin splints, and tennis elbows. In addition to stretching and warming up, athletes can prevent overuse by addressing discomfort right away and taking time to rest and recover after heavy activity.

3. Improper Footwear

sports injuriesSince feet often support the entire weight of your body during fitness, you should have the right shoes to minimize stress. Making sure your footwear fits appropriately and offers the right level of support will help you avoid common sports injuries such as twisted ankles, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendinitis.

4. Force

Even if you take time to properly stretch and train your body, you can still experience trauma during gameplay. Falls and high-impact collisions, for example, often lead to stress fractures, bruising, and sprains. While accidents aren’t always preventable, wearing appropriate protective gear will safeguard your body from harm.  

5.  Previous Injury

The more experienced you are as an athlete, the more likely it is that you’ve had sports injuries before. If that’s the case, make sure you always take the time to heal with help from a physical therapist or doctor. If you rush back into activity, partially recovered joints and muscles will be more susceptible to repeat injury.   

If you’re an athlete in Warsaw, the team at Step by Step Physical Therapy will provide rehabilitative treatment to help you recover from sports injuries. These therapists are also equipped with the latest professional tools, allowing you to strengthen and restore your body in the most comfortable and effective ways possible. Learn more about their rehabilitation services online or call (585) 786-8700 to schedule a consultation.

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