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5 Facts About the Fuel You Get From Your Home Heating Oil Company December 6, 2017

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5 Facts About the Fuel You Get From Your Home Heating Oil Company, Norwich, Connecticut

Used in furnaces and boilers, home heating oil is a cost-effective and clean-burning option for many homeowners looking to stay warm throughout the winter. But while this fuel source has many obvious benefits, there are also several lesser-known qualities consumers may find helpful to know. As a leading heating oil company in New London County, CT, Norwich Discount Oil highlights a few interesting facts about this type of fuel.  

Heating Oil Company Shares 5 Facts About the Fuel They Provide

1. Millions Use It

Although heating oil isn’t commonly used in warmer parts of the country, it is a standard resource for homes throughout the Northeast. In fact, it’s estimated that about six million consumers use it to heat their homes today.

2. It Heats Fast

Heating oil offers a higher BTU (British thermal unit) rating than natural gas, making it the hottest burning fuel source for furnaces and boilers. As a result, it can heat up homes much faster than other fuels. It also can replenish hot water supplies much quicker than electric or gas options.

3. It Is Relatively Safe

heating oil companySimilar to jet fuel and gasoline, heating oil is derived from petroleum. But unlike those fuels, it’s not nearly as dangerous. Home heating oil will not catch fire in its liquid state. Instead, it is only flammable as a vapor. In addition, accidentally breathing in the substance will not cause harm and carries an incredibly low carbon monoxide risk.

4. It Cuts Down Equipment Replacement Needs

No heating system lasts forever, but those that use heating oil for energy offer the greatest life span. Due to its clean-burning properties, heating oil places minimal stress on appliance components, allowing them to last as long as 30 years with proper care. By comparison, natural gas systems may only last up to 14 years, whereas electric furnaces carry a typical 20-year service life.

5. There’s Plenty to Go Around

When it comes to natural resources, it’s common to believe the world is quickly running out of fuel. But in the case of heating oil, these concerns aren’t relevant. Currently, there are hundreds of millions of barrels in U.S. reserves, leaving no risk of price wars or dwindling supplies. In addition, heating oil is partly renewable, unlike natural gas.  

When considering all these facts and benefits of heating oil, it’s easy to think it’s an expensive fuel source. But in reality, it is as cheap as natural gas. Plus, if you’re a customer of Norwich Discount Oil, you can take advantage of competitively low home heating oil prices that keep energy costs down. Visit this heating oil company online to learn more about their 24-hour delivery service, or call (860) 885-0654 to place your order today.

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