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Heating Oil Vs Natural Gas: Which is the Better Option? October 7, 2016

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Heating Oil Vs Natural Gas: Which is the Better Option?, Norwich, Connecticut

Before the season changes and the days start to take a serious dip in temperature, many home and business owners will be asking themselves if the current heating system they have is the best possible option. Several factors must be taken into consideration for this question to be answered, but ultimately, the facts tend to point towards heating oil as the better fuel source when compared to natural gas.

Norwich Discount Oil is proud to be the leading oil delivery company in Connecticut. With extensive industry knowledge and experience, they can provide the following information about both types of heating fuel so property owners can make an educated decision on which system to go with:

  • Safety: When analyzing the safety aspect of each fuel, heating oil is found to be much safer than natural gas. Oil is non-combustible in liquid form, and the inhalation of fumes is not life threatening. On the other hand, gas is very flammable and causes many cases of carbon monoxide poisoning every year.
  • heating oilCost: The price of both fuel sources fluctuates according to the economy. However, if you examine the home heating oil prices in the last couple decades, it’s easy to see that this has traditionally been the cheaper option more times than not.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency of heating oil equipment has continued to improve significantly over time. These energy-efficient systems typically have a better rating than those designed for natural gas because they burn much less oil to reach a comfortable temperature.

It’s important to choose the right fuel source for your living or working environment so you can maintain a high level of comfort and keep costs down. To set up your heating oil delivery with a company that offers superior customer service and competitive pricing, contact Norwich Discount Oil at (860) 886-5508. You can also visit them online to learn more about their bulk delivery discounts and special promotions for members of the military, senior citizens, firefighters, and police officers. 

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