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Proposed Workers’ Comp Legislation Could Negatively Impact Injured Workers November 9, 2017

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Proposed Workers’ Comp Legislation Could Negatively Impact Injured Workers, Rochester, New York

New York workers’ comp laws are in place to support injured workers financially until they can return to gainful employment. Recent proposed changes to the legislation are being met with much criticism, as they could make the claims process far more difficult and cut down on available benefits. That’s why the lawyers at Vincent J. Criscuolo & Associates in Rochester are against the plan, as this legal team has seen firsthand the challenges injured workers face on a daily basis.

Drastic Reduction of Payments Could Occur

workers compThe legislation introduced by the state’s Workers Compensation Board claims that current rules badly need an update. The proposed changes would greatly reduce the amount of benefits a worker with impairments of the arms or legs can receive.

The claim is that advancing medical technology makes it possible for workers to return to their jobs much sooner than previously expected. However, these new regulations will ultimately decrease the ability of injured workers to care for themselves until they can return to work. As a result, some are calling for the board to revisit the changes to ensure employees remain protected.

Workers Will Have an Uphill Battle When Proving Claims

While these new rules would primarily impact workers suffering from arm or leg disabilities, more far-reaching effects could also occur. For instance, the regulations would put up roadblocks for employees seeking out a second medical opinion on their diagnosis, which is usually necessary when a workers’ comp claim is denied. These delays can result in an increased need for litigation to appeal denied benefits and contribute to uncertainty among workers about their future.

Vincent J. Criscuolo & Associates pledges to support area employees when fighting for the benefits they deserve. Schedule your consultation with a workers’ comp attorney in Rochester, NY, by calling (585) 232-3240 today. For more information about these skilled and knowledgeable attorneys, visit their practice online.

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