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Fighting for benefits as a disabled party or injured worker is often an uphill battle. In fact, without the experience of a knowledgeable worker's compensation lawyer, standing a chance to gain disability benefits or workmen's comp is nearly impossible. Vincent Criscuolo & Associates makes it their business to fight for the rights of Rochester, NY residents.

Insurance companies and employment agencies have a team of lawyers solely to fight individuals over worker's comp, disability benefits and personal injury claims. To these companies and their lawyers, inexperienced, injured and disabled individuals provide an easy win. With Vincent Criscuolo & Associates, however, every personal injury and worker's comp attorney stands up for the rights of others.

Workmen's comp paperwork is intentionally confusing. If a hard laborer hurts himself on the job, the last thing he wants to do is fill out pages and pages of trickery. Jumping through hoops is not a game for the down and out. Each Vincent Criscuolo personal injury lawyer will kindly and expertly work with their clients to fill out all the necessary paperwork, write winning appeals and make courtroom appearances to advocate for their rights.

A Vincent Criscuolo Social Security disability lawyer can also help a client make a case - and win - against the government. When an individual has paid into the system for several years, it is unfair to deny him or her assistance once they are no longer able to work for one reason or another. This is why Vincent Criscuolo & Associates are ready to make the case for you.

Located in Rochester, NY, the offices of Vincent Criscuolo can be found directly above the Worker's Compensation Board Hearing Chambers. This is no coincidence; a quality worker's compensation attorney should be conveniently available to those who seek benefits. Vincent Criscuolo & Associates will readily represent anyone in need of their services. Though free consultations are available by schedule, walk-ins are also accepted.

Call (585) 232-3240 or visit Vincent Criscuolo & Associates online to schedule your free consultation. 

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