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3 Acoustic Solutions for a Church Sound System October 27, 2017

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3 Acoustic Solutions for a Church Sound System, 4, Louisiana

Setting up a church sound system is not easy; the size and shape of the building drastically affect the acoustics inside. You want your sound to be clear and sharp, without echoing or sounding too distant. Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio in Shreveport, LA, has a few tips on solutions for acoustics.

How to Ensure Your Church Sound System Is Perfect

1. Add Acoustic Panels as Absorbers

Acoustic panels are usually made out of foam or similar materials and are cut in a variety of shapes to suit the walls and corners of a room. They act as absorbers of excess sound, so when you’re looking to combat reverb and echo, they are the best choice. A professional can install them so they won’t be distracting to churchgoers but still provide  coverage to keep that loud echo to a minimum.

2. Add Diffusers

church sound systemDiffusers are the opposite of absorbers; instead of completely absorbing sound, they scatter it from areas where it is heavily condensed. Sometimes, these are built into a building in the beams and columns, but they can be added as well. Any complex objects, like boxes and panels, can be used as diffusers. This is great if there is a specific area of the church where sound seems to be focused and needs breaking up.

3. Keep Seats Full

People are a great solution for acoustic issues. Having more bodies fill a room can completely change the sound and help dampen echo. Keep this is mind when using a church sound system in an empty church versus one that is full. Your sound will be different, so if it is possible to test it when you have people sitting in the pews, you’ll get a more accurate idea of the sound for a mass.

Need a new church sound system or help tweaking your current one? Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio can guide you. Confused on where to start? Visit their website for more information, then call them  at (318)-861-5953 to discuss your needs with a professional who can point you in the right direction.

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