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Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio

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A wide variety of venues rely on the power of sound, and companies and organizations in Shreveport, LA, rely on Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio to design and install first-class audio and video systems. Since 1989, Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio has been one of only a few professional audio companies certified by the Louisiana State Board of Contractors. Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio uses advanced computer programs and state-of-the-art audio and video equipment to provide clients with customized solutions to all their audio and video needs.

As a full-service audio and video company, Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio specializes in surround sound system design and audio installation. Their systems are used for everything from church services to school assemblies, and they also handle video projection installation, speaker equipment rental, recording equipment installation, and home audio equipment sales. They use their industry expertise to model the acoustics of different rooms and then develop audio systems that truly enhance overall performance experience.

The process of using computer programs to design a professional audio system is both a science and an art. The trained technicians at Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio make it their mission to provide the best possible service regardless of the size or scope of the project. They are true experts in their fields, and once they’re finished setting up your new speaker equipment or surround sound system, they’ll offer to teach you how to best maintain your equipment. They always go out of their way to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Claiborne Sharp Professional Audio makes it a priority to stay up-to-date on the newest technology and industry equipment. Learn more about their audio store and professional audio services by visiting their website. If your space would benefit from professional speaker equipment and audio and video installation, give them a call at (318) 861-5953 to schedule an audio installation appointment today.

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