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Pediatric Checkups: How Often Does Your Child Need One? March 20, 2017

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Pediatric Checkups: How Often Does Your Child Need One?, Ashland, Kentucky

There’s no better way to ensure your child’s long-term health than to follow the wellness check schedule their pediatric physician prescribes. At PrimaryPlus in Ashland, KY, their team of pediatricians subscribes to the guidelines laid out by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

For over 30 years, the practice has offered a comprehensive range of healthcare solutions to clients throughout Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati region. Their physicians draw from the AAP recommendations to explain the frequency of preventative medical checkups at different childhood stages.

How Often Do Children Need Pediatric Checkups?​​​​​

1. Infancy

The AAP suggests visiting your child’s pediatrician more often during the first year following your child’s birth. The first visit should ideally be within the same week as getting discharged from the hospital so the physician can ensure your baby’s growth is on track. At the two-, four-, and six-month appointments, your child will receive immunizations to keep them protected from a host of contagious diseases.

2. Toddler Years

PediatricsAt the six-month checkup, the doctor will recommend scheduling visits three months apart till your child turns two. During this time, they will guide you about transitioning your baby from soft to finger foods and explain how to get them on a proper schedule. They will also advise setting up an appointment between your toddler’s second and third birthday. The 30-month evaluation helps detect any developmental delays in toddlers, allowing you to get timely assistance from a qualified therapist.

3. Preschool to Adolescence

From the age of three till they enter their twenties, children need to see the doctor once a year. These visits will give you the peace of mind that your child’s growth and immunizations are right where they should be. Pediatric clinics also maintain proper documentation of vaccines your child has received, which is an important admission prerequisite for local schools and colleges.

For any further questions about the recommended appointment schedule, turn to the pediatric physicians at PrimaryPlus. Learn more about their comprehensive list of services by calling (606) 324-0128, or take an online tour. Like the Ashland-based clinic’s Facebook page to keep a tab on the latest information they share regarding medical checkups.

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