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With more than 20 years of experience in professional tree care, Allan Tree Services in Hartford, IL, knows how to safely prune trees to remove dead limbs and remove hazardous or unwanted trees completely. Specializing in multiple trees and stump removal, their tree-care experts can evaluate your property to determine what kind of tree services are needed.

Their team is specially trained in the health of trees, shrubs, vines and other wood-based plants. Not sure if a tree is diseased or dead? Allan Tree Services will inspect the tree during a free consultation to determine whether it can be saved or should be removed. If tree removal is the recommendation, a team can be dispatched to begin safely removing the tree using the proper equipment and safety guidelines.

Their crews will take into consideration power lines, buildings, and the overall appearance of your yard before beginning any job. Sometimes tree pruning can save a tree from a premature death, and Allan Tree Services can give trees a second chance. Their tree services include pruning throughout the year to improve a tree’s appearance and strengthen it to withstand storms.

Whether a tree needs razing, thinning, demossing, or center pruning, their specialists can also expertly shape a tree for ornamental purposes. Need other landscaping services? Allan Tree Services provides land clearing, topsoil and mulch, firewood, and landscape evaluation.

As a family-owned business, Allan Tree Services gives priority to quality tree service and customer service, treating clients like valued neighbors. Their crews are available to work evenings and weekends to suit a customer’s schedule, and their prices are always fair and competitive.  Allan Tree Services is also backed by their A+ rating with the BBB.

If you need professional tree services in the St. Louis, Missouri area, Edwardsville, IL, and Alton, IL areas, call Allan Tree Services at (618) 254-1245 for a free estimate. You can also request a consultation by completing an online form.

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