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How to Pack Electronics Safely & Securely, Cincinnati, Ohio
Whether you’re headed across the country or down the street, moving is usually a struggle, especially when it comes to electronics. While all of your valuables need to be handled with care, these items have their own particular set of more
3 Common Applications for Nickel Plating, Cincinnati, Ohio
All too often, people use or engage with products without ever thinking about how they came to be. One such process that is used to prepare everyday materials is nickel plating. This technique refers to applying a thin layer of nickel more
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801 Plum St.
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Are you traveling to a new city this weekend and you’re looking for ideas on where to eat or places to visit? Check out NearSay, a local business directory that offers information on everything from Nightlife and Music to Restaurants and...
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Carlton Movers, Residential Moving, Commercial Moving, Moving Companies, Cincinnati, Ohio
243 W McMicken Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45214
For nearly half of a century, Carlton Tom Movers has offered exceptional moving, storage, and distribution services to residents and businesses throughout the greater Cincinnati, OH, area. With service to 13 different states, their ambit...
Porter-Guertin Co., Electroless Nickel Plating, Metal Finishers, Hard Chrome Plating, Cincinnati, Ohio
2150 Colerain Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45214
If you have metal parts that need metal finishing in Cincinnati, then you need Porter-Guertin Co. This industry leader provides all the plating services you need, so whether you're looking for corrosion resistance, need worn-out parts re...
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4 Appliance Moving Tips, Cincinnati, Ohio
Moving houses can be an exciting opportunity. But the transition isn’t always easy, particularly when you have multiple appliances and furniture pieces to transport. Fortunately, more
Hard Chrome vs. Nickel Plating: What’s the Difference?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Industrial plating is highly beneficial for metal machinery and parts, protecting components from corrosion and damage while enhancing performance. When it comes to choosing the more
How to Easily Pack Up Your Bathroom When Moving , Cincinnati, Ohio
Packing to move can be an arduous task, but taking a strategical approach will save time and simplify the process. This is especially true when it comes to boxing up the more
4 FAQs About Nickel Plating, Cincinnati, Ohio
To make items more durable and attractive, some manufacturing companies use a process known as nickel plating. This metal finishing technique gained attention in the 1800s, and its more
A Guide to Chrome Plating for Steel, Cincinnati, Ohio
Chrome plating on steel is an electrochemical process in which a chromium metal finish is applied to the steel. The steel is bathed in a solvent that cleans the surface, and more
How Should You Move an Aquarium?, Cincinnati, Ohio
Relocating to a new home can be challenging, even with the help of a moving company, and especially when aquariums are involved. Though tough and durable, aquariums are made of more
A Guide to the Differences Between Metal Plating & Coating, Cincinnati, Ohio
Plating and coating are two types of metal finishing that provide surfaces with new, more durable exteriors. But they each accomplish this goal in markedly different ways. To more
FAQ About Packing Pictures, Paintings, & Artwork, Cincinnati, Ohio
While framed pictures, wall hangings, and artwork might be the first items you prepare before a move, knowing how to properly pack such fragile items without damaging them can be more
5 Common Types of Metal Corrosion, Cincinnati, Ohio
Corrosion causes the metal to deteriorate, marring its appearance and weakening it to the point that it can develop holes or break. Luckily, this chemical process can be more
4 Moving Tips for Relocating Elderly Loved Ones, Cincinnati, Ohio
Perhaps your elderly parents need to downsize and move into a small house. Maybe it’s time to explore independent living communities or assisted living options. No matter the reason more
3 Tips for Moving With An Infant, Cincinnati, Ohio
After you have children, you might find your current living situation too cramped to accommodate a growing family. While packing items and preparing for the movers, don’t more
3 Benefits of Chrome Plating, Cincinnati, Ohio
Chrome plating gives metal products a shiny, protective coating. This layer can be decorative, adding a bright surface luster, or functional, providing a high level of more
5 Benefits of Working with Corrosion Resistant Metals, Cincinnati, Ohio
When you’re working with any kind of machinery, there’s a chance that the metal it’s made out of can be affected by natural elements like water and oxygen. Frequently, these more
 A Brief Guide to Chrome Plating, Cincinnati, Ohio
From functional auto parts to industrial tools, chrome plated items are all around you. Hard chrome plating has many mechanical applications and production benefits, so if you’ more
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