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How to Read the Gauge on a Propane Tank, Ottawa, Wisconsin
A home propane tank can have many uses, including cooking and heating. Accordingly, knowing how to read the tank’s gauge and determine whether it needs a refill is essential. Below is more information about how to read the more
3 Ways to Lower Your Home Humidity, Ottawa, Wisconsin
The ideal indoor humidity is about 40% to 50%. Higher than that, and it starts to get uncomfortable, and you can also start to grow mold in your home, which is both a cosmetic problem and a health hazard. To keep the humidity down, more
West Point, WI
Dousman LP Gas Inc., Heating, Air Conditioning Contractors, Propane and Natural Gas, Dousman, Wisconsin
160 W. Ottawa Ave
Dousman, WI 53118
(262) 965-2679
Propane is a versatile energy source equipped to handle multiple jobs. At Dousman LP Gas Inc. in Wisconsin, they have been devoted to helping customers power their properties with propane for more than 37 years. From powering farm equipm...
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3 Factors to Consider When Buying a Home With Propane, Ottawa, Wisconsin
There are many factors to keep in mind when buying a home. If the property relies on propane gas for heat, then you should consider the responsibilities that come with it. Below is more
5 Ways to Increase HVAC Efficiency Before Summer, Ottawa, Wisconsin
As summer approaches, your need for a reliable air conditioner increases. An efficient HVAC system will not only get you through the hottest days of the season, but it will also more
5 Ways to Recognize a Propane Gas Leak, Ottawa, Wisconsin
A propane gas leak is incredibly dangerous, and knowing the signs of a problem can make a significant difference in your safety. While considerable holes are obvious, more
What Are the Environmental Benefits of Propane, Ottawa, Wisconsin
Propane gas is a clean-burning energy source with low carbon. Although liquefied petroleum has a distinct smell, it’s an artificial odor to allow for easy detection. It’s virtually more
5 Clues You Need to Repair the Furnace, Ottawa, Wisconsin
The middle of a Wisconsin winter is no time to discover your furnace is malfunctioning. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it is dangerous as well. Below are a few signs that you more
5 Warning Signs Your Propane Tank Needs Repairs or Replacement, Ottawa, Wisconsin
Propane tanks power vital appliances in your home. However, when they get damaged, they become unsafe to use, and you must repair or replace them immediately. Learn how to recognize more
3 Key Propane Safety Tips for Winter Storms, Ottawa, Wisconsin
Millions of homes and businesses use propane gas for household applications. When you handle it properly, it is a safe, efficient, and versatile fuel. And as the colder months more
5 Steps to Take If Your Pilot Light Goes Out, Ottawa, Wisconsin
Pilot lights are still prevalent in older furnaces; if yours goes out, it helps to know the correct way to relight it. Doing so incorrectly can result in a serious safety hazard for more
6 Ways to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter , Ottawa, Wisconsin
When the chill of winter sets in, your comfort and safety depend on reliable heating. A little preparation ensures you won’t get stuck shivering as you wait for a busy heating more
A Guide To the Different Sizes of Propane Tanks, Ottawa, Wisconsin
When you choose propane as your primary heating fuel, you’ll need to make a decision about the size of your propane tank. Carefully choosing ensures that you’ll have enough propane& more
3 Tips for Keeping Your House Cool This Summer, Ottawa, Wisconsin
Keeping your home a comfortable temperature in the warmer months can be a challenge without relying on your HVAC system. Whether the air conditioning is broken and awaiting repair more
5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your HVAC System This Summer, Ottawa, Wisconsin
Beating the heat is easy when you have a reliable HVAC system. However, getting the most out of this equipment — and keeping costs to a minimum — requires more than turning on the more
3 Safety Tips for Cooking With Propane Gas at Home, Ottawa, Wisconsin
In addition to being economical, propane gas is among the most efficient and safest fuel sources around. Even so, it’s still flammable and can pose risks when misused. Your family’s more
3 Advantages Programmable Thermostats Provide, Ottawa, Wisconsin
How you use your HVAC system could contribute to unnecessary energy waste. If you turn it off before leaving home, it will use significant fuel or electricity to start up more
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