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3 Benefits of Lawn Spraying Services, Jasmine Estates, Florida
Lawn spraying is a service provided by your pest control provider. It may serve a few purposes such as weed control, disease treatment, and fertilizing. If you’re not currently working with a residential pest control company to spray more
Are you dealing with Ants and if you are what kind?, Jasmine Estates, Florida
Acrobat ant Acrobat ants are black, 3 mm long, and hold their abdomens over their heads when disturbed. They usually nest outdoors in dead wood, tree holes and firewood, but can nest in wall voids and insulation. They crawl into more
Holiday, FL
Corporate Caterers-Tampa, Caterers, Catering, Tampa, Florida
5741 E Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL 33617
(813) 397-6579
Do you have a special occasion at work that needs celebrating? With over 20 years of experience, Corporate Caterers - Tampa in Temple Terrace, FL, will provide an experience that’s sure to boost morale. Offering delicious breakfast,...
GreenTec Pest Control, Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Care Services, Pest Control and Exterminating, Port Richey, Florida
8610 Oreto Dr
Port Richey, FL 34668
(727) 847-6733
GreenTec Pest Control, Inc. provides residential and commercial pest control and lawn spraying services in North Pinellas County, Spring Hill, and West Pasco County, FL. Our service technicians will treat your home or building effic...
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Watering at the right time and how often, Jasmine Estates, Florida
Water at the right time.    Watering in the early morning or late evening when temperatures and wind speeds are the lowest will reduce water loss through evaporation. more
Have you tried to reach us and have not been able to?, Jasmine Estates, Florida
Unfortunately we have been experiencing some issues with our office phone line. We have been in contact with Sprectrum and they have been out several times. We are hoping to get the more
Labor Day, Jasmine Estates, Florida
September 1, 2019 4:00PM - September 2, 2019 9:00PM
Labor Day: What it Means Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. more
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Are You Prepared For Hurricane Dorian?, Jasmine Estates, Florida
Hurricane Dorian is gaining strength in the Atlantic as of Wednesday night, and millions of people in Florida were warned to be ready for its impact. “Strengthening is forecast more
5 Essential Roach Control Tips, Jasmine Estates, Florida
Discovering cockroaches in your home is more than unpleasant, as the pest insects pose numerous health risks. Their saliva, exoskeletons, and excrement contain allergy-inducing more
5 of the Most Common Food Allergies, Temple Terrace, Florida
When you’re planning an event, it’s important that your catering menu offers something for everyone. There are many food allergies that may impact the ability of guests to more
What are the different types of Nutsedge and do I have this in my lawn?, Jasmine Estates, Florida
Sedges are annual or mostly perennial grass-like plants with aerial flower-bearing stems. In annual forms, the stem is solitary to mostly several with basal leaves. Perennial forms more
Could this be drywood termites?, Jasmine Estates, Florida
The warm seasons marks the beginning of termites swarms for homeowners in the United States. Florida’s hot and humid climate is ideal for several species of termites. In more
DON'T LET THE BED BUGS BITE, Jasmine Estates, Florida
BED BUGS  Bed bugs are blood feeding insects that feed on humans, usually during night hours when people are sleeping. Since we do not often observe bed bugs biting, it is more
BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL, Jasmine Estates, Florida
                                                BACK TO more
Brown patches in my lawn, Jasmine Estates, Florida
Summer Lawn Diseases Chinch bugs may be the best-known lawn pest in St. Augustine grass but, there are diseases that are pests too. Humid, sticky, muggy and wet – welcome to more
4 Things That Attract Rodents to Come Inside, Jasmine Estates, Florida
Many homeowners are unaware that they are enticing rats and mice to enter their homes. Unfortunately, you may need to change your habits to mitigate the need for rodent removal& more
Ways to Prevent Cockroaches, Jasmine Estates, Florida
Exclusion German cockroaches can initially infest a structure when infested grocery bags are brought inside. Inspect groceries for cockroaches before storing. Keep grocery bags more
5 Benefits Buffet Catering Provides Your Office, Temple Terrace, Florida
Hosting office luncheons, dinners, and special events lets your team know you appreciate the hard work they do. Rather than commissioning a potluck or scheduling a sit-down event, more
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