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3 Ways to Utilize Your Boiler More Efficiently, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Winter weather puts a strain on your home’s boiler as it tries to keep your house and water heated despite dropping temperatures. This often means homeowners need more boiler service and face higher utility bills during this more
3 Locations to Install a New Boiler in a House, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
A boiler offers a convenient and economical heating option for homeowners. It delivers warmed water or steam throughout the home, providing constant comfort in the process. If you’re interested in installing a new boiler, it’s crucial more
Cripple Creek, AK
Gary's Repair & Burner Service, home heating, Heating, HVAC Services, Fairbanks, Alaska
(907) 474-0736
When your furnace isn’t offering the comfort and warmth you deserve at the end of a tiring day, it's vital to contact a professional to assess the quality and condition of your home’s heating elements. If you’re experiencing a boiler bre...
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How Often Should Your Boiler Be Cleaned?, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
A properly-working boiler is essential for keeping homes and buildings comfortably warm. An essential maintenance tip for ensuring your system continues to provide more
Fall Reminder: Winter is Coming, is your Heater due for Maintenance?, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
The cold weather that comes with the winter months will be here before we know it. Now is a perfect time to make sure your heating system is in good shape.  Give us a call more
6 Parts of Your Boiler System You Should Know About, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
As one of the oldest types of heating systems, boilers use either steam or hot water (At Gary’s, we only work on hot water) to warm up interior spaces. Maintenance more
What Size Boiler Do I Need?, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
There are many considerations to take into account when choosing a boiler for your home. A crucial factor to think about is what size, or output, is best for your living space. more
Why Does My Furnace Smell?, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Your furnace will usually give you some warning signs when something is wrong with the internal or external components. One of the most common and obvious signs that you may need more
4 Types of Furnace Filters, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
As your furnace intakes air, it’s liable to pick up dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, and other respiratory irritants. Without a filter in place, the furnace would recirculate more
3 Different Types of Furnaces , Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Once you set your thermostat, your furnace is activated to warm the air before it is circulated through your home. Thus, your furnace plays a vital part in keeping more
Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
For many homeowners, seeing their furnaces leak out water can be alarming. If you find yourself in the same situation, it’s crucial to call a furnace repair technician for an more
3 Symptoms of a Furnace Overheating, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
For safe, reliable heating system performance throughout winter, following a maintenance plan is essential. For instance, airflow through the heat exchanger is reduced when the more
Your Mid-Winter Furnace Maintenance Checklist, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
As important as fall maintenance is to furnace function, mid-winter checks are equally integral. They ensure the heating system hasn’t experienced any major hiccups and allow you to more
How to Tell When You Need a New Boiler, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Your boiler is responsible for heating your home’s water supply, which allows you to bathe, clean, and perform other regular household tasks. In the event that you notice problems more
3 Tips to Avoid a Winter Furnace Breakdown, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Winter is the worst time to need furnace repairs. A broken furnace in the middle of an Alaskan winter is more than just an inconvenience; it’s a severe problem. As winter more
4 Common Causes of Furnace Issues, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
You rely on your furnace to keep you warm and comfortable during the coldest periods. However, problems can develop with the unit over time. Here are some of the most common more
3 Reasons to Schedule Routine Boiler Service, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska
Homeowners rely on their boilers to supply the warmth and consistent temperatures needed to keep the household comfortable during the colder months. Routine, seasonal boiler service more
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