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How to Ensure Your Apple Trees Thrive, Miamitown, Ohio
Whether you just inherited a 200-acre farm or bought a small family home on a modest plot of land, you can grow crisp, juicy apples. Because apples come in a variety of species, there’s sure to be at least one that will more
3 Benefits of Pruning Trees, Miamitown, Ohio
Pruning is an essential tree care practice. It stops diseases from spreading to other branches and helps young trees grow more healthily. Regular pruning also prevents storm-damaged branches from falling on passersby or hitting power more
Harrison, IN
Mike's Tree Service, Tree & Stump Removal, Tree Removal, Tree Service, Cleves, Ohio
(513) 353-0395
When you’re a property owner with a tree on that property, you owe it to your home, lawn, and neighbors to keep that tree in top condition. From regular maintenance to recognizing potential for damage to your car or home, tree care is a ...
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3 Reasons to Remove a Dead Tree, Miamitown, Ohio
Trees are a great addition to any landscape, but a dying tree can cause more trouble than it’s worth. If your tree is struck by lightning or looks dilapidated from old age, more
3 Steps to Protect Your Trees in the Spring, Miamitown, Ohio
Harsh winter weather and inclement conditions can take their toll on your trees. Fortunately, there are steps that all homeowners can take to prepare them for spring and ensure a more
3 Benefits of Stump Grinding, Miamitown, Ohio
If you have a stump on your property as a result of a fallen or cut tree, it can be an unsightly part of your landscape and a potential hazard for those in and around your home. If more
Why Is Winter the Best Season for Tree Trimming?, Miamitown, Ohio
Pruning, the act of cutting trees back, may seem counterproductive, but it can help your trees grow healthier and stronger. As the temperature plummets, it can cause plants and more
3 Ways to Prepare Your Landscaping for Winter, Miamitown, Ohio
With fall quickly coming to an end, it’s time to finish any last-minute maintenance tasks outdoors before colder temperatures arrive. Inclement weather can cause damage to the lush, more
How to Care For a Living Christmas Tree, Miamitown, Ohio
Live Christmas trees offer many benefits to families interested in celebrating the holiday without visiting a tree lot. Not only are they more eco-friendly than cut trees, but they more
3 Low-Maintenance Trees for Your Landscape, Miamitown, Ohio
Whether you live in the city or the country, trees can benefit your yard. With proper tree care, they protect your landscaping from soil erosion and slow water more
A Guide to Tree Care for Fall & Winter, Miamitown, Ohio
Trees are excellent for homes and businesses because they provide shade and improve a property’s exterior appeal. Most trees start to lose their leaves in the fall and then go more
3 Signs of a Diseased Tree, Miamitown, Ohio
Trees provide your property with shade and enhance its curb appeal. Unfortunately, they’re vulnerable to a variety of diseases that can cause them to weaken and die. A tree in poor more
3 Reasons for Emergency Tree Removal, Miamitown, Ohio
Trees offer several advantages to a property, including shade, fresh air, and beauty. However, a damaged tree can pose dangers to inhabitants and neighbors. Here are three more
Stump Removal vs. Stump Grinding: Which Is Right for You?, Miamitown, Ohio
When a tree is cut down, it’s important to eliminate the remaining stump. Stumps can be an eyesore, but they also present a safety hazard and invite pests like ants, beetles, and more
3 Reasons to Schedule Tree Removal for a Dead Tree, Miamitown, Ohio
Whether it is the result of storm damage or disease, a dead tree is more than just an eyesore. If you don’t schedule tree removal services quickly, it could easily lead to several more
4 Signs That Your Trees Are Dying, Miamitown, Ohio
Dying trees can be difficult to detect. However, neglecting to treat or remove them promptly can increase the possibility of property damage. Avoid a hazardous situation by becoming more
5 Benefits of Spring Tree Trimming, Miamitown, Ohio
While winter tree trimming is a popular practice, there are also benefits to having your trees trimmed during the spring. Not only is it a great time for removing sickly limbs and more
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