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How to Prepare a Mouth-Healthy Lunch for Your Child, Anchorage, Alaska
Oral health goes well beyond brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist. What your child eats and drinks can have major impacts on their smile, protecting or damaging their teeth—depending on their diet. This guide will walk you more
3 Signs Your Car's Electrical System Is Failing, ,
Your car’s electrical system powers a variety of modern features, like the automatic windows, AC, and alarm. Issues with the electrical components typically warrant a mechanic’s help since they’re made of a complex network of wires more
Alyeska, AK
Chinook Family Dentistry, Tooth Extraction, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentists, Anchorage, Alaska
2401 E 42nd Ave Suite 201
Anchorage, AK 99508
(907) 272-8422
For a family-friendly dentist that emphasizes patient comfort and safety, residents of Anchorage, AK, turn to Chinook Family Dentistry. Dr. Symonds and Dr. Lathrop have been serving the community for more than 35 years. Their dedica...
Professional Automotive, Auto Care, Auto Maintenance, Auto Repair, Anchorage, Alaska
210 E Potter Dr
Anchorage, AK 99518
(907) 562-2471
Professional Automotive has been providing high-quality vehicle maintenance, engine repair, and other automotive services to drivers throughout Anchorage, AK for more than 25 years. The repair shop services both foreign and domestic vehi...
A+ Home Services, Inc., Septic Systems, Septic Tank Cleaning, Sewer Cleaning, Anchorage, Alaska
(907) 345-1890
If you live in Anchorage, AK, and have a home that relies on a septic system, you need all the help you can get in maintaining and servicing it. A Plus Home Services Inc. is a septic pump service company dedicated to helping customers ov...
Quality Transmission Service, Auto Maintenance, Automotive Repair, Transmission Repair, Anchorage, Alaska
140 E Dowling Rd
Anchorage, AK 99518
(907) 561-8767
The search for reliable transmission service and auto repair in Anchorage, AK, begins and ends with Quality Transmission Service. A faulty transmission can leave you stranded or cause an accident, so it’s important to bring your veh...
Chugach Sewer and Drain, Drain Cleaning, Sewer Cleaning, Plumbing, Anchorage, Alaska
3317 Jerde Circle
Anchorage, AK 99504
When your home or business is suffering from a plumbing emergency, you can’t afford to wait for a plumbing repair company to show up, which is why the professionals from Chugach Sewer and Drain in Anchorage, AK, always respond on time. T...
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5 Common Mistakes That Require Transmission Repair, Anchorage, Alaska
A car’s transmission delivers the appropriate amount of power to the wheels so that you can drive at your desired speed. As a key component of vehicle operation, more
Why You Should Convert Your Car's Transmission to Manual, Anchorage, Alaska
Many people enjoy driving a manual car; however, advancements in the auto industry are making these vehicles harder to find. Fortunately, a transmission service provider more
How to Maintain Good Oral Health While Pregnant, Anchorage, Alaska
Fluctuating pregnancy hormone levels bring many physical changes, including challenges to your oral health. If you’re pregnant, use this dental care guide to find out how your more
What Homeowners Should Know About Failing Septic Systems, Anchorage, Alaska
Homes rely on septic systems if they aren’t connected to the local sewer lines. Regular septic pumping is needed to ensure the system runs optimally and doesn’t negatively more
How to Know If Your Timing Belt Is Failing, ,
Automobiles are made of complex parts that work together to make vehicles function. The timing belt is part of this system, and a worn one can cause trouble for your car. While a& more
What to Know About Oil Changes, ,
Keeping your vehicle in good shape will keep you safe on the road and prevent the need for repairs. In particular, getting regular oil changes is an essential part of more
3 Tips for Avoiding Unnecessary Clutch Wear, Anchorage, Alaska
Driving a manual car takes extra coordination and finesse, but once you have the hang of it, it can be a rewarding, enjoyable experience. However, you may be making mistakes in more
How to Know If You Need a New Muffler, ,
Vehicle mufflers limit noise coming from the exhaust system. While a mechanic can notify you of any issues during the annual auto inspection, it can be challenging to identify more
A Brief Introduction to Dry Mouth, Anchorage, Alaska
Dry mouth is a medical condition that occurs when the glands in your mouth and jaw don’t produce enough saliva. While a dentist can address the issue if it’s due to an oral more
A Guide to Oral Health Issues for Seniors, Anchorage, Alaska
Like any other age group, people 60 and older need to see the dentist at least twice a year. However, the reasons why they need these visits may differ from those of younger more
A Guide to Sewer Lift Stations, Anchorage, Alaska
Sewer lift stations are an important part of many business’s water systems. If your company relies on this form of wastewater management, understand how it works so that you know more
4 Signs of a Failing Clutch, Anchorage, Alaska
A car’s clutch is an integral part of any manual vehicle, as it connects the engine to the transmission. Since this component is essential to the car’s function, you should be more
3 Signs You Need to Realign Your Car's Wheels, ,
The wheels are the only parts of the vehicle that come in contact with the road, so have an auto mechanic maintain them regularly. If one or more of the wheels is out of more
3 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care, Anchorage, Alaska
It can be challenging to know when oral pain or a toothache requires a simple at-home remedy or a trip to the dentist. This difference is essential, as getting the right care more
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