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How Does Physical Therapy Improve Tennis Elbow? , Warsaw, New York
Tennis elbow—also known as lateral epicondylitis—occurs when the tendons connecting the elbow and forearm tear and become inflamed. It causes pain in the elbow, forearm, and wrist, and can make it challenging to perform simple tasks more
How Does Physical Therapy Benefit Shoulder Pain?, Warsaw, New York
If you frequently experience shoulder pain, you may be considering pain management and treatment options. Physical therapy has much to offer in this case, as it can boost strength, reduce pain, and improve range of more
Darien, NY
Step By Step Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Programs, Physical Therapy, Physical Therapists, Warsaw, New York
2333 State Route 19 N
Warsaw, NY 14569
(585) 786-8700
Recovering from an illness or injury can be grueling, which is why the physical therapists at Step By Step Physical Therapy are committed to your care and comfort. With four locations throughout New York—Warsaw, Akron, Attica, and Perry—...
United Memorial Medical Center, Cancer Centers, Emergency Medical Services, Hospitals, Batavia, New York
127 North St
Batavia, NY 14020
(585) 343-6030
Whether you’re looking for a primary care physician for routine checkups or a last-minute urgent care provider, Genesee County’s top medical center has you covered. With more than 785 experienced physicians specializing in a wide range o...
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3 Tips For Preventing Slip-and-Fall Accidents at Home, Warsaw, New York
Mobility limitations can be challenging for seniors at home. Whether they’re going through physical therapy following an injury or dealing with a chronic disability, you more
3 Winter Athletes That Can Benefit From Physical Therapy, Warsaw, New York
If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, now is probably your favorite time of year. Even if you’re in prime physical condition, you still run the risk of experiencing a sports injury more
4 Tips for Relieving Winter Arthritis Pain, Warsaw, New York
It’s not uncommon for those who need arthritis pain treatment to experience increasing discomfort as the temperatures drop. This is believed to be largely due to a sedentary more
5 Common Causes of Middle Back Pain, Warsaw, New York
Back pain can hold you back from living your most vibrant life, making everyday activities more difficult. While many people suffer from constant pain in the lower vertebrae, middle more
5 Potential Causes of Upper Back Pain, Warsaw, New York
The lower lumbar region may be the most common place where back pain develops — but that doesn’t mean the upper region is free from harm. In fact, many daily activities can cause more
4 Ways to Reduce Back & Neck Pain at Work, Warsaw, New York
Millions of people deal with issues like back and neck pain throughout the workday. These chronic conditions may be caused by trauma, repetitive use, or bad posture. more
3 Ways Physical Therapy Helps You Stay Active, Warsaw, New York
If you’ve been struggling to meet your exercise goals, physical therapy may be able to get you – and keep you – on the right track. Physical therapists are professionals who more
3 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain, Warsaw, New York
Chronic pain can be exhausting and frustrating. For many individuals, living with persistent pain is a reality resulting from conditions such as osteoarthritis, previous injuries, more
3 Ways Physical Therapy Helps in Injury Recovery, Warsaw, New York
Exercising and participating in sports is good for your body, but injuries are a common problem that several athletes face. The right treatment program will help the injury heal more
3 Reasons to Practice Your Physical Therapy Exercises, Warsaw, New York
When it comes to physical therapy, you get out what you put in. Those who try their hardest during every session and follow the provider’s home plan will achieve optimal more
Physical Therapy Team Explains When to Use Ice or Heat on an Injury, Warsaw, New York
When muscles and joints are injured or inflamed, pain can be severe. Fortunately, many individuals obtain relief without relying on medications. Instead, they use natural, more
3 Ways Physical Therapy Helps With Whiplash, Warsaw, New York
If you recently experienced whiplash, you may have uncomfortable symptoms in your neck, back, arms, or legs. These include neck pain, headache, stiffness, and dizziness. Physical more
How Physical Therapy Can Help With Vertigo, Warsaw, New York
Typically linked to an inner ear problem, vertigo is a condition that causes symptoms of dizziness and disorientation—even when you are standing still. While this problem can limit more
5 Common Causes of Sports Injuries, Warsaw, New York
While physical fitness is essential to keeping the body healthy, there are times when these activities can lead to problems. Specifically, when athletics cause constant stress to more
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