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3 Ways to Avoid Septic Tank Issues at a Restaurant, Anchorage, Alaska
If your restaurant has an onsite sewage system, it’s your responsibility to care for your septic tank to prevent backups and other unsightly issues. Not only are these problems costly, but they can also affect the safety of more
How to Handle Wisdom Teeth Removal Anxiety, Anchorage, Alaska
When your oral health team recommends dental surgery like wisdom teeth removal, it’s easy to imagine a worst-case scenario or negative stories from friends or relatives. In reality, tooth extraction performed by an experienced oral more
Hope, AK
 Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Dental Implants, Oral Surgeons, Anchorage, Alaska
111 W 16th Ave, #203
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 561-1430
Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska, LLC in Anchorage offers a variety of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures, including dental implants and teeth extractions. Surgeons Dr. William F. Bergeron, Jr. and Dr. Ray Holloway are committed...
Around The Clock Pumping LLC. , Drain Cleaning, Septic Systems, Septic Tank, Anchorage, Alaska
(907) 345-9126
While you may have experience in around-the-home repairs, there are some jobs that require a licensed professional. One of those jobs involves your septic system, and there’s no one more qualified to take care of those repairs than Aroun...
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The Basics of Impacted Wisdom Teeth, Anchorage, Alaska
Human teeth have evolved in response to changing diets and food quality. The front teeth are ideal for biting, while the back ones are perfect for grinding and chewing. It may seem more
How Can Underbites Affect Your Oral Health? , Anchorage, Alaska
When the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth, it’s known as an underbite. Because this causes the lower jaw and chin to protrude, many people with underbites become self-conscious more
5 Ways to Break Your Smoking Habit, Anchorage, Alaska
Oral surgeons are unfortunately all-too-aware of the link between cancer and cigarettes. Smoking is cited in 30% of cancer deaths in the U.S., which includes lung, lip, mouth, more
What Is Hypersalivation?, Anchorage, Alaska
Saliva plays a crucial role in oral health, as it prevents plaque and bacteria from clinging to teeth. Some people produce too much saliva, however, which is a condition referred to more
3 Benefits of Line Jetting When You Have a Clog, Anchorage, Alaska
Also known as hydro jetting, line jetting utilizes a high-pressure hose to clean plumbing. The hose is connected to a pressurizing machine and features a special nozzle to more
3 Treatment Options for Nerve Damage Caused by Facial Trauma, Anchorage, Alaska
The facial nerve is part of the cranial nerve group stemming from the brain. It’s responsible for facial expressions, and also provides the sense of taste for two-thirds of the more
Why You May Need Oral Surgery After Facial Trauma, Anchorage, Alaska
The face is a sensitive area, and a fall or blunt trauma could cause serious injury. If you sustain facial trauma, you may need emergency services and the help of an oral more
What Is the Treatment Timeline for Dental Implants?, Anchorage, Alaska
Whether you’ve lost a tooth due to facial trauma, decay, or gum disease, there are options available to restore your beautiful smile. Dental implants are one of the most more
How to Avoid Dental Implant Failure, Anchorage, Alaska
A dental implant can restore the health, comfort, and appearance of your mouth and teeth. While the vast majority of implants are successful and failure rates for the procedure are more
What Is Oral Surgery & When Do You Need It?, Anchorage, Alaska
While you may be accustomed to visiting your dentist twice a year for routine teeth cleanings, under certain circumstances, you may need to see a specialist for oral surgery. From more
A Guide to Jaw Injuries in Athletes, Anchorage, Alaska
Participating in sports is a great way to stay in shape, hone new skills, and learn to play as part of a team. As an athlete, finding ways to improve your game while staying healthy more
How Often Should You Empty a Septic Tank?, Anchorage, Alaska
While some homes are connected to a municipal sewer system, others are equipped with their own septic tank to handle their waste. These tanks, usually made of plastic or more
3 Reasons Seniors Should Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal, Anchorage, Alaska
Wisdom teeth removal may be associated with dental patients in their teens and early 20s due to lack of formed tooth roots; however, the procedure is an option at any age. If you’re more
A Guide to Bone Grafting Aftercare, Anchorage, Alaska
Bone grafting can help you recover from an injury, implant procedure, or oral illness. Before the procedure, your provider will outline exactly what you can expect during and more
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