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3 Benefits of Using a Bail Agent Instead of Posting a Bond by Yourself, ,
If you’ve been arrested for a crime, your first priority is likely getting out of jail as quickly as possible. Fortunately, judges allow most defendants to post bail, securing your release so you can wait out your trial at home. While more
3 Ways Drug Charges in College Can Derail Your Future, ,
Even after you’ve found a bail agent, paid your fine, and served your sentence, having drug offenses on your record can disrupt your life for years to come. This is especially true for college students, who may find their entire lives more
Newhallville, CT
3-D Bail Bonds, Specialized Legal Services, Legal Services, Bail Bonds, Hamden, Connecticut
(203) 562-6666
When someone close to you has been arrested, time is of the essence. At 3-D Bail Bonds in New Haven, CT, you can take advantage of fast and reliable bail bonds 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These skilled bail bond agents a...
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How Connecticut Inmates Are Tested for COVID-19, ,
Since the COVID-19 outbreak first began, officials in Connecticut have aggressively tried to prevent infections in the state’s correctional facilities. Thanks to more arrestees more
What Happens After a Juvenile Arrest in Connecticut?, ,
Having a child accused of a crime can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, especially if you don’t have much experience with the legal system. You might be wondering who will more
How Pretrial Detention Negatively Impacts Defendants, ,
When an accused person is detained before their trial, it’s referred to as pretrial detention. This happens a lot in the United States, which has the most pretrial detainees in the more
The Penalties for Credit Card Fraud in Connecticut, ,
Fraudulently using someone else’s credit card is a serious offense, with consequences that could impact your life for years to come. In some cases, credit card fraud can even result more
A Quick Intro to Disorderly Conduct Charges in Connecticut, ,
Disorderly conduct is a vague term that encompasses a wide range of behaviors, but it’s especially broad in Connecticut. In fact, in the New Haven area, even getting loud with your more
Do You Have an Outstanding Warrant in Hartford?, ,
Having a warrant out for your arrest can upend your life, potentially turning a simple traffic stop into a trip to jail. Unfortunately, many defendants don’t even realize the court more
Can a Child Be Arrested for Cyberbullying?, ,
Cyberbullying is incredibly widespread, affecting approximately 59% of teens in the U.S. Some kids might feel that their online activities don’t have real consequences, but they more
4 Rights to Know When Getting Pulled Over by the Police, ,
Getting pulled over is common in Connecticut. Police officers regularly use traffic violations as a way to find re-arrest warrants. While officers have authority when responding to more
4 Tips for Having a Fun & Safe Bonfire in New Haven, CT, ,
When you want to get together with friends and have a bonfire, it’s important to keep the gathering safe and legal. By doing so, you can have fun while avoiding common dangers and more
How Going to Jail Can Affect Your Mental Health, ,
Going to jail is almost always a difficult experience, one that has long-term consequences for many people. Even if they’re eventually acquitted or the charges are dropped, more
3 Ways to Accidentally Violate a Protection Order, ,
Violating an order of protection can have serious legal consequences, even if you aren’t acting out of malice. In some cases, even a simple mistake can get you arrested, which means more
Out on Bail? 4 Tips for Protecting Your Freedom, ,
After working with a bail bonds company to go home, many people aren’t sure of what to do next, especially if they’ve never been arrested before. While you don’t necessarily have to more
What Are the Different Types of Property Crime?, ,
Property crime is a common issue in Connecticut. The chances of becoming a victim of a property crime are “1 in 59” in the state according to Neighborhood Scout. The more
What you Need to Know Before Visiting Stamford, Connecticut, ,
  Stamford, Connecticut is one of the top-visited cities in the Long Island Sound A modern nautical city describes Stamford. Unlike other cities in New England, more
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