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Do's & Don'ts to Maintain Tires, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Driving every day will wear your tires out at an accelerated rate, so performing regular maintenance is essential. If you fail to do so, you’ll need tire repair services more frequently and be more at risk of a dangerous blowout. more
5 Essentials to Keep in a Car, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
While you don’t want your car to break down, it’s still a good idea to prepare for unexpected roadside issues. Here are a few items towing companies want drivers to keep in their vehicles for assistance in times of more
Haiku-Pauwela, HI
Gomes Bus Fleet Maintenance, Auto Maintenance, Auto Repair, Kaneohe, Hawaii
47-114 Wailehua Rd
Kaneohe, HI 96744
(808) 239-6755
Does your vehicle need professional maintenance? You’ve come to the right place at Gomes Bus Fleet Maintenance located in Kaneohe, HI. This auto repair shop is your one-stop shop for auto repairs and maintenance services. As a state-reco...
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3 Common Reasons Why Cars Leak Oil, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Oil is essential to keep your engine cool and reduce wear and tear. When you have too little oil, you’ll need more frequent car repairs, and the engine might even sustain more
What Does an Auto Tuneup Consist Of?, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
If you want your vehicle to perform reliably for as long as possible, take it to an auto repair shop periodically for a tuneup. This service has changed a bit through the more
Synthetic vs Conventional Motor Oil, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Though most people understand engines need oil, many don’t know the difference between synthetic and conventional types. Before you go in for your next oil change, learn more
4 FAQ About Car Maintenance, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Most people who own cars drive them every day. But, in commuting and running errands, you may not have time to get to know your vehicle. The following frequently asked questions more
Do's & Don'ts of Auto Maintenance, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
If you care for it properly, your vehicle can get you where you need to go for years with relatively few issues. Most auto maintenance, such as oil changes and tire more
3 Common Brake Issues to Watch Out For, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Whether you’re driving a passenger vehicle or a heavy-duty truck, few safety components are more important than your brakes. You need them to operate in top condition at all more
5 Signs to Visit an Auto Repair Shop, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Routine auto maintenance such as oil changes, brake pad replacements, and transmission flushes keep your vehicle operational and your gas mileage where you want it. If it’s been a more
3 Most Common Engine Problems, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
If you need engine repair, it’s helpful to give as much information as you can to your auto repair shop. The more you can tell them about what's happening with your car, the more
3 Signs of a Failing Suspension System, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
If your car recently began making odd sounds or a new light popped up on the dashboard, you might be tempted to brush it off as a minor issue. However, these warning signs more
3 Signs You Have Brake Problems, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
The brake system is among your vehicle’s most important components. Be mindful of any changes you experience while driving and mention them to a car repair specialist. Always more
How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?, Koolaupoko, Hawaii
Tire rotation involves repositioning a vehicle's tires to encourage even wear. It’s a crucial component of car maintenance and needs to be performed routinely to protect the more
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