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3 Common Causes for Squealing Brakes, Dayton, Ohio
No matter how carefully you drive, scheduled maintenance needs to be done at some point. In addition to aspects like oil changes and tire rotations, brake repairs are unavoidable, which is obvious when they make a noise like more
A Car Owner's Guide to Oil Changes, Dayton, Ohio
When you own a car, you know an oil change is necessary for your vehicle’s engine, and neglecting to replace the fluid on schedule can result in serious problems. While it’s understandable that life gets busy and you may more
Shroyer Park, OH
Kettering-Oakwood Automotive LLC, Auto Care, Automotive Repair, Auto Repair, Dayton, Ohio
1018 Shroyer Rd
Dayton, OH 45419
(937) 299-2468
Looking for a reliable auto mechanic in the Dayton, OH, area? Look no further than Kettering-Oakwood Automotive LLC. Staffed with a team of dedicated experts, they’ll handle everything from a routine oil change to major engine repair, ge...
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3 Signs Your Car Needs a New Battery, Dayton, Ohio
Your car battery provides the necessary spark to start your engine. While car batteries typically have a lifespan of three to five years, the last issue you want is for your battery more
A Guide to Oil Change Frequency, Dayton, Ohio
Most vehicle owners know that an oil change is an essential auto maintenance task. However, some delay doing it, thinking they’ll save money. This is a mistake that often more
5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Transmission, Dayton, Ohio
Issues with your transmission can translate into an expensive auto repair, so it’s a good idea to maintain it. The transmission is responsible for the shifting of gears within the more
3 Tips for Extending the Life Span of Your Brakes, Dayton, Ohio
Brakes are arguably the most important safety component of your vehicle. With a combination of smart driving tactics and assistance from an auto mechanic, you can keep them in more
3 Ways to Protect Your Tires From a Blowout, Dayton, Ohio
Your tires are among the most important components of your vehicle. A flat could leave you stranded on the side of the road, and a blowout could prove extremely dangerous, more
4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Car, Dayton, Ohio
Buying a used car is a good option for getting a high-quality vehicle. However, there are a number of potential mistakes you can make during the process, even when you visit a more
4 Steps to Safely Handle Brake Failure When Driving, Dayton, Ohio
To prevent accidents and abide by traffic laws, you should be able to stop your car at a moment’s notice. That’s why it’s important to invest in brake repairs when needed and more
What Do the Most Common Dashboard Lights Mean?, Dayton, Ohio
Even if you handle scheduled maintenance regularly, the dashboard lights in your car might still come on. These unique signs denote specific issues with your vehicle more
Why Should You Get an Engine Tuneup for Your Vehicle?, Dayton, Ohio
The engine is the heart of your vehicle; it converts fuel into energy to move. Despite its importance, many car owners put off or neglect routine engine tuneups by a professional& more
5 Signs the Coolant in Your Car Is Breaking Down	, Dayton, Ohio
Coolant is a necessary fluid for your car that regulates the temperature and stops the vehicle from overheating. It also keeps engine corrosion down and ensures that heat transfer more
5 Car Maintenance Tips for the Fall, Dayton, Ohio
The fall season arrives with cool temperatures as a prelude to the cold, harsh winter weather. To help your vehicle survive the winter, have it ready by performing car more
A Simple Guide to Avoiding Wildlife on the Road, Dayton, Ohio
Encountering wildlife on the road is a common event and tends to happen when you least expect it. Since Give Wildlife a Brake! Week is from Oct. 28 to Nov. 3, it’s only fair to more
5 Common Car Air Conditioner Problems, Dayton, Ohio
If you have been unfortunate enough to experience a car air conditioner problem on a hot summer day, you understand the importance of routine maintenance. Avoid a faulty AC in the more
4 Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Engine This Summer, Dayton, Ohio
As a driver, one of the main fears you might have during the summer is an overheated engine. Luckily, you can conquer that fear by properly maintaining your car and ensuring it’s more
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