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4 Major Parts of a Starter, De Kalb, Texas
The starter plays an essential role in any vehicle’s starting system. Also known as a cranking motor, the auto part turns the flywheel that is bolted to the motor’s crankshaft. Flywheel activation and 12 volts of battery power turn more
When Should You Suspect a Bad Tractor Voltage Regulator?, De Kalb, Texas
A tractor’s alternator cycles power from the battery. Within it lies the voltage regulator, which disperses that electricity at a consistent rate. If that voltage regulator begins to fail, it will have a negative effect on vehicle more
Dalby Springs-Simms, TX
Bi-­State Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds, Texarkana, Texas
201 W Broad St.
Texarkana, TX 75501
(903) 794-2245
If you are arrested in Texas, staying in jail doesn’t have to be your only option. Dedicated to helping citizens get out of jail before trial, Bi-State Bail Bonds is a licensed bail bond agency in Texarkana, TX. Through fast service, rel...
Eubanks Auto Electric, Auto Repair, Auto Services, Alternator Repair, De Kalb, Texas
9986 US Hwy 82 W
De Kalb, TX 75559
(903) 667-2081
If you experience problems with your car’s starter or alternator, Eubanks Auto Electric will know how to solve the issue. Their expert technicians have serviced foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and off-road equipment in all makes and m...
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A Guide to Winch Motors, De Kalb, Texas
Winches have been used since ancient times to lift heavy objects by winding up or letting out a rope, cable, or wire. It is this same basic principle that can be found in today's more
A Brief History of the Bail Bondsman, Texarkana, Texas
Bail allows individuals accused of crimes to secure their release in exchange for money that is to be rescinded to the plaintiff after they attend all appointed court dates. The more
A Brief Intro to Bail Bonds, Texarkana, Texas
If you’ve been charged with a crime, posting bail allows you to wait for your trial date at home so you can continue working and taking care of your loved ones. Unfortunately, bail more
3 Steps to Keep Your Tractor in Good Condition, De Kalb, Texas
Tractors play an essential role in everyday farm operations and help landowners take care of large properties. They’re powerful pieces of equipment that are built to handle a wide more
An Introduction to Texas DWI Laws, Texarkana, Texas
A drunk driving charge is a serious offense that can come with substantial penalties, including the cost of bail, license suspension, fines, and jail time. As with all states, more
3 Common Causes of a Starter Malfunction, De Kalb, Texas
A starter is needed to crank the internal combustion engine that moves your vehicle, so when it malfunctions, you might end up stranded. Typical signs of starter failure more
Should You Post Bail for a Loved One?, Texarkana, Texas
If someone you care about has been arrested, they might request your help with bail. Depending on the seriousness of the charge, this can be a costly undertaking. Moreover, more
How Does an Alternator Power a Vehicle?, De Kalb, Texas
A vehicle can’t run without electricity, and an alternator is the system that generates the power to make this happen. Working together with the battery, the alternator creates more
What to Know About Criminal Trespassing in Texas, Texarkana, Texas
Although only a misdemeanor, trespassing in Texas is still a criminal act that could result in arrest. As such, individuals—including those that are hunting or camping on public more
5 Car Problems Caused by a Bad Ignition, De Kalb, Texas
Anytime you drive, you turn the ignition to get the engine running. But since this practice is usually second nature, it’s easy to miss warning signs that parts of the starting more
4 Ways to Ready Tractors for Winter Storage, De Kalb, Texas
As the weather cools down, it’s time to start readying your tractor for winter storage. These machines contain many interrelated parts that require maintenance in order to more
What Does the Right to a Speedy Trial Really Entail?, Texarkana, Texas
Posting bail is an opportunity for those accused of a crime to secure their release temporarily, to prepare their defense. Over the years, the phrase “speedy trial” has come to more
4 Items to Check When Buying Used Industrial Equipment, De Kalb, Texas
If you operate a farm or a warehouse, it's no secret that equipment can get expensive. Buying a brand new tractor, forklift, or lawnmower at full price every time can significantly more
Out on Bail? 3 Consequences of Missing a Court Date, Texarkana, Texas
Posting bail is meant to incentivize individuals charged with breaking the law to make all of their court appearances. In return, the judge trusts them to spend the time more
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