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4 FAQ About Baby Shoe Bronzing, Innsbrook, Missouri
If you’re searching for a unique, personalized gift for a loved one, baby shoe bronzing is an excellent option. As your child grows, your parents, in-laws, and partner will love to display this beautifully preserved keepsake. more
How Shadow Boxes Preserve Memories & Make a Statement, Innsbrook, Missouri
As fun as it is to artfully record memories in a scrapbook, there are some experiences and celebrations that are better enjoyed when they’re kept on display. Whether you want to commemorate an anniversary or document an international more
Huntleigh, MO
St. Louis Patty-Cakes, Novelties, Gifts and Novelties, Wright City, Missouri
(855) 785-7288
Make a moment truly special and memorable when you give a personalized gift from Patty-Cakes® of St. Louis. Based out of St. Louis, MO, they create one-of-a-kind paw and handprint impressions in a variety of metals and will even dip a va...
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Why a Personalized Gift Is Beneficial, Innsbrook, Missouri
Holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations throughout the year create ample opportunities to show your loved ones how much you care by bestowing them with presents. If you ever more
The New Age of Bronzing, From Baby Shoes to Pacifiers, Innsbrook, Missouri
To commemorate their baby’s first steps, many parents bronze their little one’s shoes. The art of bronzing baby shoes, pacifiers, and other treasured objects has a rich history. more
The History of Paperweights, Innsbrook, Missouri
A timeless gift, thanks to its practical and aesthetic benefits, a paperweight comes in endless shapes, sizes, and designs. Some feature life-like footprints or paw prints, more
4 Creative Handprint Gift Ideas, Innsbrook, Missouri
If you’re looking for creative gift ideas for a birthday, holiday, or loved one’s anniversary celebration, consider creating a present yourself by using your handprints. The more
6 Items to Include in a Memorial Shadow Box, Innsbrook, Missouri
Creating a memorial shadow box is an excellent way to commemorate your loved one who has passed away. They’re visually striking and will remind you of the deceased. However, it can more
4 Gifts for a Loved One Who Recently Lost a Pet, Innsbrook, Missouri
Grief is a complicated emotion, and sometimes the best way to show your sympathy is by giving a thoughtful gift. If your friend or family member recently lost a pet, or has a furry more
4 Popular Baby Keepsake Ideas You’ll Treasure  , Innsbrook, Missouri
Amidst all the chaos and challenges of being a new parent, the first year of a baby’s life is full of exciting milestones you’ll want to remember forever. Newborns grow at an more
The History of the Bronzed Baby Shoe Tradition, Innsbrook, Missouri
When it comes to sentimental value, few novelty items carry as much weight as bronzed baby shoes. These adorable little shoes, immortalized in a rich patina, commemorate a child’s more
How Can You Use a Puppy Paw Print Keepsake?, Innsbrook, Missouri
For many people, their pet is more than just an animal. It’s a member of the family, sometimes treated more like a child than a cat or dog. Just as you may take handprints of your more
What Should You Write on Your Child's Handprint or Footprint Plaque?, Innsbrook, Missouri
Making the decision to preserve your child’s handprint or footprint is easy. Coming up with an inscription for the actual plaque, however, can pose a more
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