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What's the Difference Between a White Room & Cleanroom?, San Diego, California
There are two types of controlled environments often used in a manufacturing company: a cleanroom and white room. While both control contamination, there are key differences that set them apart. Learn more about each in the guide below.& more
The Importance of Medical Device Packaging, San Diego, California
Packaging is an essential component of medical device manufacturing, allowing manufacturers to deliver products to hospitals and medical facilities safely. Here’s a guide to the industry requirements and importance of this process. more
Santa Clarita, CA
Pacific Integrated Manufacturing Inc., Logistics Services, Plastics, Manufacturing, Bonita, California
4364 Bonita Rd , # 454
Bonita, CA 91902
(619) 921-3464
Quality and cost-effective manufacturing is critical to the success of the life science, medical device and diagnostic industries. Companies in these sectors can depend on the leader in global healthcare manufacturing Pacific Integrated ...
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Why Use a Custom Automation Cell? , San Diego, California
If you’re looking to manufacture a life science, medical, or diagnostic product, there are many advantages to utilizing a custom automation cell. However, even industry more
3 Common Myths About Injection Molding, San Diego, California
Plastic injection molding is a highly versatile manufacturing process, benefiting a variety of industries by providing custom-made plastic components in mass quantities. When more
What Kinds of Resin Are Commonly Used in Plastic Injection Molding?, San Diego, California
For plastic injection molding, both the quality and characteristics of the finished product depend on a variety of factors, and one of the most important is more
3 Industries That Use Plastic Injection Molding, San Diego, California
Plastic injection molding is used to manufacture products in nearly every market segment, from automotive and aerospace to telecommunication and toys. As a dominant sector in more
A Guide to Successful Lateral Flow Assay Manufacturing , San Diego, California
An assay is a common procedure in pharmacology, molecular biology, and laboratory medicine, and it’s used to measure and assess the amount and presence of a target entity, such as a more
4 Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing Medical Device Production, San Diego, California
Outsourcing medical device manufacturing allows even small developers to quickly scale up to meet demand without the expense of building a production line from the ground more
A Guide to 5 Different Types of Plastic, San Diego, California
Plastic is all around you; it’s used in all types of industries. As a result, many different types of plastic are manufactured to fit different applications. While more
What You Need to Know About Medical Device Classes, San Diego, California
From catheters to oxygen masks and ventilators, there are a wide range of medical devices used by hospitals and individuals. These pieces of equipment are required to meet certain more
3 Steps for Getting a Medical Device Approved by the FDA, San Diego, California
Before going ahead with bulk medical device manufacturing, your product should get approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to reassure potential customers more
A Guide to Kitting Medical Devices, San Diego, California
When manufacturing medical devices, assembly kitting maximizes efficiency at virtually every stage of operations. If you’ve yet to implement kitting into your chain more
A Guide to Thermoforming, San Diego, California
Thermoforming is a kind of plastic molding that’s especially popular among medical device manufacturers. If you are in charge of ordering supplies for the health care field, here’s more
A Guide to Automatic vs. Hand Assembly of Medical Devices, San Diego, California
Assembly is one of the final stages of medical device manufacturing. When it comes time to piece together each component, manufacturers can opt for an automated or manual system. If more
What You Should Know About Medical Device Packaging, San Diego, California
Several precautions are taken during the medical device manufacturing process to ensure that the products remain functional and sterile. However, to keep them that way more
What Kinds of Items Can You Produce With Plastic Injection Molding?, San Diego, California
Plastic injection molding (PIM) is an incredibly versatile manufacturing process. Developed toward the end of the 19th century to create combs, buttons, and collar more
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