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Why Are Your Pipes Banging?, Concord, North Carolina
If you’ve ever turned off a faucet and heard a loud thunk or shudder throughout your home, you might be dealing with water hammer. This problem is linked to sudden stoppages in water flow and can significantly damage your more
$25 off labor for all new customers!!!, Concord, North Carolina
We are offering $25 off labor to all new customers!!! Call or Text (704) 788-8690 to claim this offer. read more
Millingport, NC
All American Plumbing, Water Softeners, Water Heater Repairs, Plumbing, Concord, North Carolina
7051 Bost Cutoff Rd
Concord, NC 28025
(704) 788-8690
The moment your sink or toilet gets clogged, you need an experienced plumber to handle the task. For those in the Concord, NC, area, our team at All American Plumbing is here to help. We are professional plumbers providing resi...
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Garbage Disposal Do's & Don'ts, Concord, North Carolina
A Garbage disposal is a helpful kitchen appliance that makes cleaning up the kitchen a breeze. However, using the device incorrectly will damage it and can more
Should You Get a Traditional or Tankless Water Heater?, Concord, North Carolina
Whether it is for laundry, cleaning dishes, or taking a long shower, hot water is a household necessity. A consistent supply of hot water requires a reliable water more
A Guide to Hard Water, Concord, North Carolina
As water moves past rocks, it can dissolve and carry with it minerals like calcium and magnesium. Water with a high concentration of these minerals is known as hard water. Here more
3 Signs You Need a New Water Heater, Concord, North Carolina
You rely on your water heater to supply a consistent source of hot water all day long. This appliance is vital to your daily routine because it’s needed for everything from more
3 Common Causes of Leaking Faucets, Concord, North Carolina
Leaking faucets are a common problem because of how frequently these fixtures are used. A little drip may not be a pressing issue now, but if unaddressed, it can more
5 Items That Will Ruin Your Garbage Disposal, Concord, North Carolina
Your garbage disposal is a workhorse that can handle a lot, which is why it’s often easy to take for granted. While it’s an efficient and convenient way to rid your more
4 Signs You Need a Water Softener in Your Home, Concord, North Carolina
If the water that flows from your home’s plumbing has a high mineral content, it’s what is known as hard water. Though often harmless, calcium and magnesium more
3 Reasons to Install a Hot Water Recirculation Pump, Concord, North Carolina
Do you dream of a world where when you turn on the hot water, it instantly comes out of the fixture? Luckily, this is not a fantasy—by installing a recirculation pump with more
3 Reasons Your Toilet Is Running, Concord, North Carolina
A running toilet might seem like a minor issue, but keep in mind how much water you’re wasting in the interim. It could be an indicator of a severe plumbing issue, one that more
3 Common Fall Plumbing Issues, Concord, North Carolina
Falling leaves and plummeting temperatures can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. This fall, it’s crucial to understand the risks that this season poses to pipes, drains, and more
3 Items to Keep Out of the Garbage Disposal, Concord, North Carolina
Despite the name, a garbage disposal should never be used as a trash receptacle in your sink. Although it can grind small food scraps that remain on the dishes and cookware, more
How to Find Hidden Leaks in Your Plumbing, Concord, North Carolina
When the water bill suddenly climbs with no significant change in your consumption, there's probably a leak somewhere. You may be wondering how to find the leak on your more
5 Reasons You Have Low Water Pressure, Concord, North Carolina
Have you noticed that the water pressure in your home is lower than it should be? If so, one of several problems may be causing it, and finding the root of your issue will allow you more
3 Shower & Tub Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel, Concord, North Carolina
Taking a shower or bath is a relaxing ritual for many people and part of what makes the bathroom a haven away from hectic modern life. Because of this, it’s not more
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