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What Buyers & Sellers Should Know About Real Estate Disclosures in Texas, Centerville, Texas
When buying property, you have the right to know of any defects before finalizing the transaction. In that same vein, when selling property, you have an obligation to disclose any issues prior to closing. The specific more
Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer, Centerville, Texas
When you’ve been accused of a crime, your freedom and future may depend on the skills of your criminal lawyer. Before deciding who should fight for you, schedule consultations with several different attorneys, making sure to ask the more
Leon, TX
The Law Offices of Charley Johnson, Estate Planning Attorneys, Criminal Law, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Centerville, Texas
117 N. Cass Street
Centerville, TX 75833
For over 35 years, The Law Offices of Charley Johnson has been protecting the legal rights and claims of Centerville, TX, residents, both in and out of the courtroom. Guided by Christian principles, attorney Charley Johnson is commi...
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Texas Probate Law FAQ, Centerville, Texas
Losing a loved one is one of the more difficult experiences a person is forced to endure. The feelings of loss are then compounded when the complexities of dealing with the estate more
FAQ About Property Division in a Divorce, Centerville, Texas
You don't need to be a divorce attorney to know that navigating the legal aspects related to the end of a marriage can be an involved process. One of the more contentious debates more
When You Should Accept a Plea Bargain, Centerville, Texas
Being arrested is a terrifying experience, especially when police and prosecutors make it seem as though the case against you is ironclad. In these stressful circumstances, being more
How to Revise Your Estate Plans After a Divorce, Centerville, Texas
With a divorce comes a fresh start. For most people, this involves new living arrangements, financial considerations, and ways to experience the world. The issue of estate more
What Should You Bring to a Divorce Consultation?, Centerville, Texas
Whether you plan to file for divorce or were just served with a petition, getting advice from a lawyer should be a priority. When preparing for the initial consultation, more
Do You Need a Divorce Attorney in an Amicable Split?, Centerville, Texas
Not every divorce is a contentious experience. There are many couples who amicably agree to go their separate ways, with no particular acrimony or major disputes. All of the legal more
3 Steps to Take After Getting Charged With a DWI, Centerville, Texas
A DWI, DUI, or another type of drunk driving charge can have a profound impact on your life and future. When facing a case like this, it's always smart to be as prepared as more
Estate Planning Attorney Shares 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Will, Centerville, Texas
When writing a will, it's important to be as accurate as possible to ensure your wishes are carried out in the most effective ways. The slightest error or omission can derail the more
A Guide to Preparing to Adopt a Child, Centerville, Texas
Choosing to adopt a child is an extremely personal choice and the beginning of both an emotional journey and a complex legal process. Even if you’re sure adoption is the right more
Divorce Attorney Explains What Records to Keep if You Pay or Receive Alimony, Centerville, Texas
A person who pays alimony is legally obligated to provide a certain level of financial support to their former spouse. The details of this responsibility are laid out in the divorce more
Do's & Dont's of a Successful Divorce, Centerville, Texas
A divorce is emotionally draining, capable of testing the nerves of even the most patient people. While you will face difficult moments, it’s important to remain on your best more
3 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid , Centerville, Texas
When it comes to estate planning, the worst action you can do is fail to create a plan at all. However, there are a variety of errors estate planning attorneys see people make more
What Should You Consider in a Child Custody Case?, Centerville, Texas
Child custody disputes are never simple, especially with so much at stake. Because these cases might impact your future relationships with your children, many parents find more
What You Should Know About the Bail Bond Process, Centerville, Texas
Most people who are arrested and booked must post bail to get released. Bail is essentially a financial guarantee that you will return on the scheduled court date. Those who attend more
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