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FAQ About Custody Decisions in Divorces, Torrington, Connecticut
Divorce is a complicated process for many reasons, but whenever children are involved, courts become primarily concerned with protecting their interests. Familiarizing yourself with how courts make custody decisions isn’t a substitute more
3 Common Criminal Defenses, Torrington, Connecticut
A strong criminal defense is crucial to protecting your rights and achieving favorable outcomes, such as acquittal, pleading guilty to a lesser charge, or aiming for the lightest penalties possible. For a guilty verdict, the more
Colebrook, CT
Law Offices of Conti, Levy, and Salerno, LLC., Criminal Attorneys, Divorce and Family Attorneys, Law Firms, Torrington, Connecticut
355 Prospect St
Torrington, CT 06790
(860) 482-4451
No matter how difficult your legal situation may be, you can count on Law Offices of Conti, Levy and Salerno, LLC. for personalized solutions and a commitment to protecting your interests. With their broad range of expertise and dep...
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A Guide to Miranda Rights, Torrington, Connecticut
As every criminal defense attorney knows, individuals accused of committing crimes have several rights guaranteed to them by the United States Constitution. In the 1966 landmark more
What to Do After a Car Accident, Torrington, Connecticut
A car accident can leave you shaken and dazed for hours or days. However, during this time, it’s imperative to take the proper steps for legal protection. Here are a few more
A Guide to Collaborative Divorces, Torrington, Connecticut
A collaborative divorce refers to an alternative dispute resolution for couples who hope to end their marriage on amicable terms. If you anticipate a non-combative split, more
How to Discuss Prenuptial Agreements With Your Future Spouse, Torrington, Connecticut
Before you enter a marriage, it’s important to have a lawyer draft a prenuptial agreement. The written contract, or prenup, lists the assets of each party prior to the marriage more
3 Real Estate Laws Every Tenant Should Know, Torrington, Connecticut
As a tenant, there are certain laws you should be aware of. While you might know that there are statutes protecting the rights of your landlord, you might not realize that there are more
The 4 Main Steps of the Divorce Process, Torrington, Connecticut
Deciding to end your marriage and hiring a divorce attorney are major, life-changing steps. However, they’re only the first in a potentially long, confusing process. Depending more
Why Hire a Lawyer as a Landlord?, Torrington, Connecticut
Investing in a rental property is an ideal way to make passive income and grow your assets. However, when you become a landlord, you should work with a dedicated lawyer to& more
How Does Family Law Handle Broken Engagements?, Torrington, Connecticut
While many people assume that family law only comes into play during the dissolution of a marriage, it also has an influence when an engagement is broken off. While this can be an more
The Do's and Don'ts of Using Social Media During a Divorce, Torrington, Connecticut
Many people who have access to the Internet regularly use social media. While this isn’t generally a cause for concern, you may not realize that information posted online may be more
3 Benefits of Hiring a Family Law Attorney, Torrington, Connecticut
Family law disputes tend to be emotionally stressful, often with outcomes that can shape the important relationships in your life. Whether you’re going through a divorce, more
How Are Businesses Divided in Connecticut Divorces?, Torrington, Connecticut
Just as with real estate, debts, and other assets, businesses can be considered as marital property during a divorce. As such, Connecticut residents who are dissolving a marriage more
3 Tips for Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney, Torrington, Connecticut
Divorce tends to be a difficult and emotional experience, and anyone going through a marital split likely needs the right divorce attorney to keep the legal side of things more
3 Common Types of Family Law Cases, Torrington, Connecticut
Family law cases can result in emotional legal proceedings because they involve people who share deep connections. When family members are unable to resolve disputes, they can turn more
What to Know About Adoption in Connecticut, Torrington, Connecticut
Adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family, but the procedure can be enough to deter even the most determined individuals. With help from a seasoned family law attorney, more
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