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How Drought Can Impact Water Quality, Key Center, Washington
Drought can have a severe impact on everything, from businesses to landscapes. But did you know that it may also affect your water quality? The effects are both direct and inadvertent, and in either case, they can have an impact on your more
The Different Types of Water Filters, Key Center, Washington
When you get water from the tap, it may not taste as pure or look as clear as bottled water from the grocery store. That’s because bottled water goes through additional filtering processes to weed out unwanted minerals and chemicals more
Key Center, WA
Affordable Water Treatment, Water Purification Supplies, Water Softeners, Water Purifiers, Gig Harbor, Washington
11025 Creviston Dr NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98329
(253) 858-7644
Based in Gig Harbor, WA, Affordable Water Treatment is the region’s top water treatment company. This family-owned and operated business has been serving western Washington communities for more than 50 years. Affordable Water Treatment ...
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How Pipes Impact the Cleanliness of Your Water, Key Center, Washington
Pipelines make it possible to have access to water on your property, as they convey water from one place to the next. But pipes can become corroded and damaged over time, more
Why Does My Water Smell?, Key Center, Washington
Many homeowners experience periodic odors coming from the water in their faucets, tubs, and showers. Odd smells may be a sign you need water treatment, so it’s best to learn more
Can COVID-19 Impact Your Tap Water? , Key Center, Washington
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are nervous about how connections from the outside world could expose their families to the threat of this severe upper respiratory more
A Guide to Why Your Water Tastes Weird, Key Center, Washington
Homeowners expect their water system to provide their households with fresh and clean water. Sometimes it's cloudy, while sometimes it has an unusual odor or flavor. Even if it is more
How to Identify Limescale in Your Water Supply, Key Center, Washington
Homeowners across the country battle limescale on a regular basis. While the presence of this substance can be frustrating, it's easily combatted with the correct water more
3 Benefits of Using Water Filter Systems, Key Center, Washington
Water filter systems are a necessity in homes, especially those without access to clean, treated water. There are areas where water remains unfit for consumption because of more
What Is the Difference Between Water Filtration & Water Purification?, Key Center, Washington
When it comes to your household water supply, having clean, pure water matters. You don’t want bacteria or harmful chemicals getting into your drinking supply, where they could more
3 Benefits of Water Conditioning, Key Center, Washington
Homeowners that have hard water are probably so accustomed to it that they may not realize how it impacts their lives. Water enriched with calcium and magnesium is considered hard,& more
3 Reasons to Avoid Drinking Untreated Water, Key Center, Washington
If you’ve never owned a home with a well system, you may be unfamiliar with the water you're using. While it’s generally safe, water treatment is recommended for well systems more
Would You Be Able to Tell If Your Water Was Contaminated?, Key Center, Washington
How would you know if harmful toxins have contaminated your water? If water was discolored, you would know something was wrong immediately. But, many toxins are colorless, and you more
3 Top Dangers of Hard Water, Key Center, Washington
Hard water is common in many homes. It contains extra dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium, which can lead to mineral buildup on faucets and appliances, cause water stains on more
4 Essential Steps in the Water Purification Process, Key Center, Washington
In most homes, you can enjoy clean, safe water right from the tap. However, many homeowners don’t know much about the process that their water goes through. Understanding more about more
FAQ About Nitrate Water, Key Center, Washington
If you live in the state of Washington, you’ve likely heard about the growing concern of nitrate in water. Understanding what it is and the risk factors will help you determine more
How Hard Water Affects Your Plumbing, Key Center, Washington
Hard water does more than leave water spots on your dishes and dry out your skin. The minerals in your water can affect the plumbing throughout your home and in your water-using more
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