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3 Reasons to Invest in Rekeying Your Car Locks, Driftwood, Texas
If you’ve ever contacted an auto locksmith before, it was likely because you left your keys inside the vehicle. However, in addition to helping you regain entry, these professionals can also rekey your car when the locks suffer physical more
3 Benefits to Having a Key Fob, Driftwood, Texas
While you may be familiar with key fobs, you may not realize how useful these devices are in keyless vehicles. While some consider them unnecessary, this innovation provides numerous benefits that a traditional key cannot match. more
Liberty Hill, TX
One Call Lock & Key, Locksmiths, Lock Repairs, Locksmith, Driftwood, Texas
(512) 353-1112
Have you ever gone out to your car, only to realize your door is locked and your keys are still in the ignition? Maybe you can’t find your car keys or you lock your keys in the car. There’s no need to worry because One Call Lock & Ke...
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4 Tips to Prevent Locking Your Keys in Your Car, Driftwood, Texas
After a long day of work, you approach your car, only to realize you have no way to unlock the vehicle. Your key was accidentally left inside the car. Unfortunately, this more
3 Benefits of a Spare Car Key, Driftwood, Texas
When a person buys a new vehicle, they are often given more than one car key. Unfortunately, these additional keys can easily be lost. And when you buy a used vehicle, there's no more
How to Sanitize Your Car Keys, Driftwood, Texas
If you commute to work using a car, you touch your keys at least four times a day. For how often they are handled, they are probably rarely cleaned—helping germs to thrive on both more
The Fascinating History of Locksmiths, Driftwood, Texas
In the year 704 BC, in the city of Khorsabad (modern-day Iraq), the first known lock was created. It was wooden with a corresponding wooden key shaped like a more
Can a Locksmith Create a Key From Just a Lock?, Driftwood, Texas
Locksmiths excel in a broad range of services. From replacing locks you worry are compromised to creating duplicate keys, their ability to help drivers during frustrating more
4 Tips for Getting a Key Unstuck From a Car Lock, Driftwood, Texas
Trying to get your car to start only to find your key stuck in position in the ignition? Trying to park your car and realize that your key won’t eject? This is a problem that more
3 Common Reasons for Vehicle Lockouts, Driftwood, Texas
It’s a scenario everyone dreads—you close your vehicle door, hear the lock snap, and look down to see your keys resting in the seat. Car lockouts are extremely common but are more
3 Tips for Organizing Your Keys, Driftwood, Texas
Having too many keys doesn’t just make for a bulky key chain. It can make it harder to find the key you’re looking for when you need it. In addition, a heavy key ring stresses more
4 Common Reasons Why Your Trunk Wont Open, Driftwood, Texas
Whether you are at the grocery store or late for work, it is never a good time to realize your trunk won’t open. However, it could be helpful to understand why this might occur so more
What to Do If You're Locked Inside Your Car, Driftwood, Texas
Getting locked inside your car can be a problem for the unprepared if you don’t have a way to fix it manually. While you can easily break the window, most people aren't more
Top 3 Reasons Why Your Car Won't Lock, Driftwood, Texas
When we purchase a car, we expect it to come with standard safety features, like locks. Car locks are excellent for keeping your vehicle secure and protected, but sometimes they don’ more
Why a Car Key Remote Is So Helpful, Driftwood, Texas
These days, it seems commonplace to have a remote for your car keys. Most modern models come pre-equipped with this device, and those with older vehicles often turn to locksmiths to more
4 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Keys , Driftwood, Texas
Everyone’s been there at one point or another—running out the door, already ten minutes late, you realize you don’t know where your car keys are. If you’re lucky, you find yours more
4 Times You Should Rekey Your Car Locks, Driftwood, Texas
Your car helps you get from Point A to Point B, and in the process, can act as a second home. However, to feel safe in it and use the car properly, there are circumstances when more
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