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How to Tell the Difference Between Allergies & an Eye Infection, Middletown, New York
Itchy, dry eyes are a nuisance, especially if you suffer from seasonal allergies. However, there are other reasons for irritated eyes that may require an eye doctor’s help. The following guide outlines the difference more
A Brief Guide to Eye Floaters, Middletown, New York
Eye floaters are spots in your vision that disappear when you look at them. The eye contains a jellylike substance called vitreous, and when this substance grows more liquid, it becomes visible and produces this effect. While you should more
Milford, PA
Middletown Tri-State Eye, Eye Exams, Eye Doctors, Eye Care, Middletown, New York
75 Crystal Run Road, Suite 120
Middletown, NY 10941
(845) 703-2020
At Tri-State Eye in Middletown, NY and Milford, PA, they believe that you deserve to see the world with crisp, clear vision. Their expert team of eye doctors, eye surgeons, and retina specialists will help you see as well as you should. ...
Milford Tri-State Eye, Eye Exams, Eye Doctors, Eye Care, Milford, Pennsylvania
510 Route 6 & 209, Suite 6-7
Milford, PA 18337
(570) 296-9696
At Tri-State Eye in Middletown, NY and Milford, PA, they believe that you deserve to see the world with crisp, clear vision. Their expert team of eye doctors, eye surgeons, and retina specialists will help you see as well as you should. ...
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3 Bad Habits That Can Accelerate Vision Loss, Middletown, New York
Vision loss is a common problem, especially as people get older. However, many people could actually avoid severe vision loss if they improve their eye care routine. Changing a more
What Is Retinal Detachment?, Middletown, New York
Comprised of light-sensitive nerve cells, the retina is located in the back of the eye and is essential for vision. Retinal detachment occurs when this tissue peels away more
5 Eye Symptoms & Their Possible Causes , Middletown, New York
It’s easy to overlook eye irritation after cleaning out a dusty attic or pulling an all-nighter. If symptoms persist, though, it’s essential to visit an eye doctor. A trained more
3 Common Conditions of the Retina, Middletown, New York
The retina is a thin layer of nerves lining the back of the eye. It converts light into neural signals that it sends to the brain to create images. Like other parts of the body, it’ more
3 Types of Cataracts & Their Differences, Middletown, New York
At the most basic level, cataracts occur when the lenses of the eyes become clouded. There are different types of this condition, each affecting vision in specific ways. more
4 FAQ About Retinitis Pigmentosa , Middletown, New York
If you have a family member with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), you may be curious about the condition and your odds of getting it. RP refers to a group of eye diseases that affect the more
Makeup Do's & Don’ts for People With Sensitive Eyes, Middletown, New York
There are numerous cosmetics out there that can make your eye color pop and transform your overall appearance. But if you have sensitive eyes, putting on makeup can cause more
3 Exercises for Reducing Eye Strain, Middletown, New York
Staring at a laptop, TV, or phone screen for hours can take a toll on your vision. Eye rubbing, squinting, headaches, blurred or double vision, and itchy and watery eyes are more
A Brief Guide to Corneal Abrasions, Middletown, New York
If you’ve sustained an eye injury or feel irritation in this area, you could have a corneal abrasion. This is a common condition that doesn’t have lasting effects, but you’ll more
Do’s & Don’ts of Cataract Surgery Recovery, Middletown, New York
Cataract surgery leaves your eyes in a sensitive state, and it’s important that you follow proper aftercare to recover. Poor care could lead to infections, slower recovery, and more
3 Ways Diabetes May Affect Your Vision, Middletown, New York
Over 100 million Americans now live with some form of diabetes. This not only results in issues creating insulin, but also diabetic eye problems. If you have this disorder, more
How to Protect Your Eyes During Winter, Middletown, New York
In the winter, cold weather and snowfall can negatively impact your vision. With this in mind, eye doctors often encourage patients to prioritize ocular care to avoid future vision more
All You Need to Know About Blepharitis, Middletown, New York
Blepharitis is a common and often chronic condition people experience. You must understand what triggers it to prevent recurrences, so your eye doctor will want you more
4 Ways Older Adults Can Boost Eye Health, Middletown, New York
Our vision needs change as we age. If you’re a senior, you may find that you require a higher prescription for eye glasses or are experiencing some degree of vision loss& more
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