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4 Tips for Recycling Scrap Metal, Whitewater, Ohio
From old cars to appliances that no longer work, you may have a lot of scrap metal around your home. If you want to get rid of it, recycling provides an eco-friendly option that can earn you money. However, to get the most from this more
4 Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal, Whitewater, Ohio
If you have extra scrap metal, taking it to a local salvage yard offers numerous perks. Whether you have a junk car that you no longer want, or extra supplies from a home renovation, you’ll enjoy advantages beyond a more more
Whitewater, OH
Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling, Auto Parts, Scrap Metal, Recycling Centers, Cleves, Ohio
8379 Harrison Pike
Cleves, OH 45002
(513) 353-1111
If you have an old car, appliance, or a collection of aluminum cans that you need to get rid of, don’t just let it all sit around; head over to one of the Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling locations in Cleves, OH. Convenient...
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FAQ About Recycling Car Batteries, Whitewater, Ohio
When changing car batteries, you must dispose of them properly. While it’s tempting to toss them in residential trash cans, it’s against the law because they more
How to Know When You Need New Tires, Whitewater, Ohio
Vehicle tires take considerable stress from the road as you drive. As such, you must maintain them to ensure optimal handling and safe driving. However, like all auto more
FAQ About Recycling Appliances, Whitewater, Ohio
When getting rid of old appliances, always consider recycling before hauling the items off to a landfill. While every component may not be recyclable, most appliances contain more
3 Signs of Alternator Failure, Whitewater, Ohio
From starting it up to powering the headlights, your car uses its alternator in many standard vehicle processes. For that reason, it's one of the most valuable auto parts of the more
Do's & Don'ts of Scrap Metal Recycling, Whitewater, Ohio
Scrap metal recycling is a fantastic way to unload metal you may have in your home or business, as well as conserve resources to protect the environment. Before bringing your more
3 Tips for Buying a Used Radiator, Whitewater, Ohio
A car’s radiator cools the engine and prevents overheating. It does this by pushing coolant that absorbs heat away from the engine, through cooling fins, and then back through the more
5 Common Myths About Scrapping a Car, Whitewater, Ohio
There are many reasons to take your car to the scrapyard if you don’t need it anymore. However, there are also several misconceptions and half-truths about these areas. The more
3 Tasks to Perform Before Scrapping a Junk Car, Whitewater, Ohio
Depending on its condition, you might get more money scrapping an old vehicle than selling it to a dealership. From tires to windshield glass and transmissions, you can recycle more
3 Tips for Buying Used Tires, Whitewater, Ohio
Tires are a pricey auto part to replace, so buying a used set can save you considerable money. As with buying anything used, however, you need to shop carefully to find a set that more
What's the Difference Between OEM & Aftermarket Auto Parts?, Whitewater, Ohio
If your car needs repair, you’ll likely have internal components replaced. This means swapping out your original car components with OEM auto parts or using aftermarket more
Steps for Recycling an Old Refrigerator, Whitewater, Ohio
There are several actions you can do with an old but functional fridge. You can sell it online, trade it in at a local appliance store, or ask your electrical company if they have a more
3 Reasons Not to Leave a Junk Car on Your Property, Whitewater, Ohio
When you have an old car that won’t run anymore, you may park it on your property and forget about it. However, leaving a junk car on your property means it will be more than an more
What Causes Car Batteries to Die?, Whitewater, Ohio
When car batteries die, there is almost always an underlying issue. While the seriousness of these issues can vary, you should not write your dead battery off as a fluke. more
How Long Will Your Car Battery Last? , Whitewater, Ohio
Your car relies on its battery to create an electrical spark to ignite fuel in the engine. It also uses power from the battery to run the radio, cab lights, and other more
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