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4 Tips for Excellent Tree Health in Canby, OR , Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
With spring fast approaching in Canby, OR, it is easy to get caught up in the delight of blooming flowers and emerging leaves. Full, lush trees will soon provide shelter from the increasingly warm sun— but for the most part, not much more
3 Serious Signs of Tree Diseases From Aurora's True Care, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Trees are mean, green, oxygen-making machines that help our world be a more beautiful and healthy place to live. But like any living thing, they can get infections and diseases which threaten their well-being. To protect the trees on more
Aurora, OR
True Care Inc, Tree Removal, Tree Service, Shrub and Tree Services, Aurora, Oregon
23503 NE Boones Ferry Rd.
Aurora, OR 97002
Towering or bushy, evergreen or seasonal, trees are always a beautiful and vital part of our home landscapes. Trees provide shade from the sun and protection from harsh weather, and their roots help retain rich soil on homeowners' proper...
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Don’t Be Shady, Trim Your Trees With Oregon Arborists True Care, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Based in Aurora, Oregon and servicing the Portland metro area, True Care is one of the best tree companies in the state. The company’s team of certified arborists offers tree more
Winterizing Trees and Shrubs, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Winterizing Trees and ShrubsWinters in the Pacific Northwest, particularly in the northern Willamette Valley, are generally temperate and wet. It is said that fifty-five percent of more
Tree and Shrub: Fall Garden Chores, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Tree and Shrub: Fall Garden ChoresFertilizing: Fall is the best time to feed the root systems of trees and shrubs.In the fall, deciduous plants are starting to loose their foliage more
Oregon’s Best Arborists Explain Integrated Pest Management and Plant Health Care, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Maintaining the health of your trees can be stressful and confusing. When it comes to threats from tree insects and tree diseases, no one knows better than the experts at True Care, more
Preparing Trees for Winter, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Trees and Preparation for WinterIt is September in the Pacific Northwest, USA. The sun is lower in the sky during the day, the nights are cooler and the leaves on the trees are more
Cabling and Bracing, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Cabling and BracingUrban trees grow in a variety of environments that are not always favorable to healthy growth.It is important to be proactive when maintaining the health of our more
Evergreen Fall Leaf Drop, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Evergreen Fall Leaf DropEvergreen shrubs and trees remain “ever-green” throughout the year because they do not lose all of their foliage at one time. But, all plants do drop old more
5 Components of Integrated Pest Management—Brought to You by True Care , Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Are pests affecting the health of your lush, gorgeous trees? From the roots up, the tree health professionals at True Care are dedicated to the wellness of your beautiful more
Summer Leaf scorch, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Summer Leaf scorchLeaf scorch on trees and shrubs is a warning that the plant is failing to supply enough water to the leaves during a serious stress.Stresses can be a symptom of more
True Care Keeps Trees Healthy Without Dangerous Pesticides, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Summer is the season when many people really appreciate the beauty of big, leafy trees in their yards. People love the shade they provide and the landscape they bring to their more
Summer Watering Tips, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Summer Watering TipsOne of the most misunderstood tasks that a gardener faces is the problem of watering. The Pacific Northwest usually has an abundance of rain during the winter, more
Apple Maggot or Codling Moth?, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Apple Maggot and Codling Moth In the Willamette Valley, there are two important pests that tunnel into apple fruit: the Codling Moth and the Apple Maggot. Apple Maggot only lives in more
Drought and Heat Stress, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Drought and Heat Stress on Trees and ShrubsIt is usually later in the summer when we start getting calls from customers regarding the effects of heat, drought and sun scald in more
Tree Removal Isn’t Always Necessary: When to Choose Pruning, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Is there a tree in your yard that is causing you some concern? There are many ways to take care of the issue, and tree removal doesn’t have to be your first choice. Oftentimes, more
Lace Bug in the Pacific Northwest, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Lace Bug in the Pacific NorthwestStephanitis pyrioides or Stephanitus rhododendriThe appearance of the “Azalea” lace bug, Stephanitis pyrioides was confirmed in Washington in 2008 more
Tree Cabling and Bracing, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Cabling and BracingUrban trees grow in a variety of environments that are not always favorable to healthy growth.It is important to be proactive when maintaining the health of our more
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