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4 Tips for Excellent Tree Health in Canby, OR , Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
With spring fast approaching in Canby, OR, it is easy to get caught up in the delight of blooming flowers and emerging leaves. Full, lush trees will soon provide shelter from the increasingly warm sun— but for the most part, not much more
3 Serious Signs of Tree Diseases From Aurora's True Care, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Trees are mean, green, oxygen-making machines that help our world be a more beautiful and healthy place to live. But like any living thing, they can get infections and diseases which threaten their well-being. To protect the trees on more
Aurora, OR
True Care Inc, Tree Removal, Tree Service, Shrub and Tree Services, Aurora, Oregon
23503 NE Boones Ferry Rd.
Aurora, OR 97002
Towering or bushy, evergreen or seasonal, trees are always a beautiful and vital part of our home landscapes. Trees provide shade from the sun and protection from harsh weather, and their roots help retain rich soil on homeowners' proper...
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Spring tree pruning and Assessment, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Pruning and Assessment of your TreesEarly spring is a great time to prune trees.Many trees are in need of structural and corrective pruning after a long winter.With leaves just more
Tree Health - Cabling and Bracing, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Cabling and BracingUrban trees grow in a variety of environments that are not always favorable to healthy growth.It is important to be proactive when maintaining the health of our more
Pruning:Stump Grinding or Removal, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Pruning:Stump Grinding or RemovalTree and Shrub removal can be a messy business.And, after the trunk and brush is down and hauled away, there is the stump and in come cases, above more
Aphids - Tree and Shrub Insects, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Aphids - Tree InsectsThere are approximately 4,000 aphid species found throughout the world. These sap-sucking insects often feed in clusters under leaves and on new succulent more
Get More Fruit This Summer and Ensure Tree Health With Pruning From True Care, Inc., Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Healthy fruit trees are abundant fruit trees. When it comes to keeping your trees in optimum health, the certified arborists at True Care, Inc. set the standard more
Your Local Arborists Explain The Importance of Plant Health Care, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Diligent health care is essential to plants and trees, as it protects them from disease and other issues, just like any other form of health care. The talented arborists at True more
3 Reasons Why Arborists Recommend True Care’s Fertilizer for Northwest Soil, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
True Care has established a reputation throughout Aurora and the entire state of Oregon for providing their customers with top-notch tree services. From pruning and hedge trimming more
Tree Pruning - Wilsonville Oregon, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Professional Tree Cutting, by the professional Arborists at True Care Inc. Tree Service.Before.....After!read more
Tree Insect: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha balys)The Brown Marmorated Stink bug has been well-known in the eastern United States since the mid-1990s. It was discovered in Portland, more
​​Cold weather advice for Tree Health, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Cold or frost damaged plants are easy to see in the winter garden. They will become limp and misshapen often showing the same signs as sun burn or drought stress in the summer. Many more
Pruning Roses, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Rose pruning is not as complicated as one might think. A good deal easier than large tree pruning! Here are a few basic principles to keep in mind:With the exception of Rambler more
The Importance of Mycorrhizae For Your Tree Health From True Care, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
When it comes to plants, having a green thumb takes a lot more than luck—it takes skill and knowledge. In fact, if you want your trees to thrive and not just survive, you need to do more
Plant Dormancy Explained Simply, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
In my many years as an arborist in the Pacific Northwest, USA, one of the most confusing topics to my customers is about the state of dormancy that all plants, trees, shrubs, down more
Benefits of Dormant Treatments for Tree Health, Northwest Clackamas, Oregon
Prevention is the first step in controlling tree diseases and many insect pests in our landscapes. Dormant treatments help to control many pests – proactively.Dormant materials are more
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