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3 Tips for Talking About Child Custody With Kids, High Point, North Carolina
A major issue that couples face when their marriage ends is child custody. Not only do they have to consider the housing arrangement, but they’ll also have to face the challenge of discussing the changes with their more
3 Useful Facts About Divorce, High Point, North Carolina
When you’re facing the possibility of divorce proceedings, you may feel like it’s just you and your attorney braving it alone. However, countless couples have embarked on this journey before you, and their experiences have more
Greene, NC
Molly N. Howard Law Office PC, Divorce Law, Family Law, Law Firms, High Point, North Carolina
2115 Eastchester Dr
High Point, NC 27265
Molly N Howard, Law Office PC is a full-service family law firm in High Point, NC, that helps clients who are facing legal issues related to divorce, adoption, and custody. Whether you are looking out for the best interests of ...
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5 Terms You Should Know Before Filing for Divorce , High Point, North Carolina
If you’ve decided to end your marriage, you should familiarize yourself with the filing process and the ensuing divorce proceedings. Because you may come across legal more
How Divorce Affects Adopted Children, High Point, North Carolina
Most people realize that divorce is hard on children—perhaps even harder than on their parents—but adopted children face specific challenges during this time. They may experience more
5 Factors That Impact Alimony, High Point, North Carolina
When you get a divorce, you and your ex must agree on many factors, from child custody to who keeps the house. If one spouse was dependent on the other financially—for example, more
How to Comfort Kids During Divorce, High Point, North Carolina
While going through a divorce may be stressful for you, it can be more difficult for your children. Unlike you, most children cannot control circumstances, such as where they will more
How Is Child Support Determined in North Carolina?, High Point, North Carolina
If you’re facing a contentious custody battle, it’s natural to be concerned about the pending child support order. Even in joint custody arrangements, the parent who ends up more
What Is the Difference Between Alimony & Child Support?, High Point, North Carolina
If you've decided to move forward with a divorce, you likely have a lot of questions about what the process will entail. One of the most sensitive areas in the proceedings centers more
Top 3 Child Custody Issues, High Point, North Carolina
When parents with children under 18 years old separate or divorce, child custody issues can be the most difficult ones to resolve. Courts allocating custody rights between parents more
Don't Believe These Common Misconceptions About Divorce, High Point, North Carolina
Going through a divorce is one of those scenarios that no one can understand wholly until they experience it themselves. With the divorce rate what it is, though, more
What is the Difference Between a Divorce & Separation?, High Point, North Carolina
Every marriage has troubles from time to time, but some relationships do reach a point at which they seem irreparable. Divorce can be an obvious solution, but some couples choose to more
3 Common Factors That Determine Child Support, High Point, North Carolina
Parents are legally obligated to pay child support to help with the expenses of raising a child. If you are preparing to attend court proceedings, you should know some basic facts more
3 Tips for Discussing Divorce With Your Children , High Point, North Carolina
One of the most difficult experiences you can face as a parent is informing your children you’re getting a divorce. When a marriage ends, it affects all parties involved, but it’s more
Factors That Contribute to Child Custody Decisions, High Point, North Carolina
As a parent, filing for divorce also comes with legal questions regarding child custody. Should proceedings need to be conducted in a courtroom with the help of an experienced more
How Are Child Support Obligations Determined in North Carolina?, High Point, North Carolina
Child support is virtually the only aspect of divorce proceedings that the couple has no control over. As long as they’re willing to compromise, it may be possible for them to more
How Are Vacation Homes Handled in a Divorce? , High Point, North Carolina
Divorce is a difficult experience to go through. Not only will it impact you emotionally, but it can also take a serious toll on your finances. If you and your spouse have decided more
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