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The Do's & Don’ts of Preventing Electrical Fires at Home, Lincoln, Nebraska
An electrical fire in the home can pose a serious threat to your family and property. Taking the following steps now will help you avoid needing fire damage repair and smoke damage restoration in the future.  Do: Know more
3 Steps to Take If Your Bathroom Floods, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether you have an overflowing toilet or burst pipe, a bathroom flood can result in widespread damage that affects the rest of your home too. While awaiting water damage restoration services, the following steps will more
Centerville, NE
All Care Restorations, Carpet and Rug Cleaners, Water Damage Restoration, Fire & Water Damage Repair, Roca, Nebraska
1080 Saltillo Rd
Roca, NE 68430
(402) 421-3779
When a fire breaks out or the basement floods, a standard carpet cleaning alone isn’t enough to repair the damage. For the toughest spills and most extreme accidents, All Care has earned the trust and loyalty of the community for a ...
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How to Maintain the Effects of Professional Carpet Cleaning, Lincoln, Nebraska
If your carpet is looking a little worse for the wear, hiring a professional is the perfect solution. With deep steaming, effective products, and powerful machinery, your flooring more
4 Common Causes of House Fires, Lincoln, Nebraska
Though you might think a fire is unlikely to break out in your home, it’s a surprisingly common occurrence because of ordinary household items. To avoid the need for fire more
3 Dangers of Residential Water Damage, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether it’s from a burst pipe in the plumbing or extreme weather conditions, water damage is not only inconvenient but also hazardous. Without the necessary water damage more
4 Tips to Help a Loved One With a Hoarding Disorder, Lincoln, Nebraska
Hoarding is characterized by an inability to give up items of seemingly no value, and the resulting clutter can have a profound negative impact if it’s left unaddressed. If you more
How to Protect Carpets From Pet Damage, Lincoln, Nebraska
Though you adore your dog or cat, they can take a toll on your carpet. When you’re looking to minimize the need for carpet cleaning because of your pets, try these tips. 3 Ways to more
How to Clean Up an Estate Efficiently, Lincoln, Nebraska
When a loved one passes away, you’ll need to go through their belongings and determine what to do with them. Though the estate and clutter cleanup might seem like an overwhelming more
7 Ways to Prevent Winter Mold & Mildew, Lincoln, Nebraska
Mold and mildew are not only unsightly but also pose health hazards. Though you might associate them with humidity, they can still take hold during the winter months when the clash more
What Steps Should You Take After a House Fire?, Lincoln, Nebraska
In the aftermath of a house fire, you may feel overwhelmed about what to do next and how to take care of your family. To help you through this challenging time, here are a few tips more
3 Carpet Care Tips for Those With Young Kids, Lincoln, Nebraska
Whether it’s from finger painting or soccer practice, kids can create a mess on carpets. Although the best solution is spot-treating stains immediately and being diligent with more
How to Tell If Your Loved One Is a Hoarder, Lincoln, Nebraska
Dwellings can be unkempt occasionally. But if it becomes the norm and starts affecting well-being, then it's time to assess the problem. In most cases, this happens because a loved more
Do You Know Where Mold May Be Hiding in Your Kitchen?, Lincoln, Nebraska
As long as moisture is present, mold can grow on virtually any surface. When you consider how much moisture is in the average kitchen, it’s no surprise that mold might be more
3 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Urinating on the Carpet, Lincoln, Nebraska
Dogs make wonderful pets and trusted companions, but when you first bring them home, there is often a learning curve for both you and the new pup. Even well-trained adult dogs might more
What Happens When a Pipe Bursts in Your Home?, Lincoln, Nebraska
When a pipe bursts, it’s often an unexpected occurrence that leads to widespread damage. Fortunately, professional water damage restoration can make your home livable again. To more
What You Should Know About Pet-Related Fires, Lincoln, Nebraska
Many pet owners don’t realize their beloved animals can inadvertently get up to mischief that leads to a house fire. To avoid the need for subsequent fire damage repair, learn how more
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