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Why Do Age Spots Develop On the Skin?, Weatogue, Connecticut
Age spots are small, flat, dark discolorations on the skin. Also called liver spots or sun spots, they’re typically brown but can also be gray or black. They primarily affect people over the age of 50 as a natural part of the aging more
What Causes Spider Veins?, Weatogue, Connecticut
Spider veins are damaged blood vessels that appear as thin lines or webs, usually on the legs or face. They are a milder version of varicose veins, a condition in which veins become enlarged and gnarled due to a dysfunction in the blood more
Weatogue, CT
Lauren A Daman, MD, PC, Skin Care, Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatologists, Simsbury, Connecticut
237 Hopmeadow St
Simsbury, CT 06070
If wrinkles, age spots, scars, or spider veins have you fretting over the appearance of your skin, the expert team of dermatologists at the office of Lauren A. Daman, M.D., P.C. is fully equipped to help. Specializing in treatments f...
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4 FAQ About Chemical Face Peels, Weatogue, Connecticut
If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your appearance, consider scheduling a chemical face peel. This common treatment is available in a dermatologist office more
Aftercare Do's & Don'ts For Chemical Face Peels, Weatogue, Connecticut
Chemical face peels are non-invasive treatments used to enhance the skin’s appearance. While each peel is different, many address redness, fine lines, or age spots by more
5 FAQ About Age Spots , Weatogue, Connecticut
Age spots are areas of discoloration on the skin which can appear in shades of gray, brown, or black. Sometimes referred to as liver spots, these imperfections can cause more
How Does Restylane® Improve Your Appearance?, Weatogue, Connecticut
Individuals who are interested in maintaining a youthful and beautiful complexion may consider visiting a skin surgeon for cosmetic treatment. While many patients are more
What Methods Are Available to Fade Spider Veins?, Weatogue, Connecticut
Spider veins appear on the legs as webs of blue or red blood vessels. While they are generally not harmful to your health, they can affect your confidence and cause more
What to Expect at Your First Botox® Appointment, Weatogue, Connecticut
Botox® injections are an effective way to smooth skin and reduce signs of aging. This protein can also be used to treat muscular disorders, excessive sweating, more
3 Important Facts About Sensitive Skin, Weatogue, Connecticut
If you have sensitive skin, you’ve likely adopted several care regimens to manage it. Since you’re more susceptible to burning, complications, and irritation, you’ll need to more
How Do Spring Allergies Affect the Skin?, Weatogue, Connecticut
Many people experience several unwanted side effects during allergy season. Skin allergies manifest in several ways, and troublesome rashes and bumps can create constant more
4 FAQ About Collagen, Weatogue, Connecticut
Of all the proteins in the human body, collagen is the most plentiful. It serves as a major structural component and is found in the skin, muscles, bones, and tendons. Collagen is more
Can Microdermabrasion Reduce Acne Scars?, Weatogue, Connecticut
Acne scars can create a permanent blemish on otherwise healthy skin. There are different cosmetic options to explore to remove such scars, with microdermabrasion being of the most more
What to Expect During Sclerotherapy, Weatogue, Connecticut
Spider and varicose veins are a normal part of aging or some medical conditions, and they can sometimes be painful. A dermatologist can eliminate or improve their appearance through more
How Does Phototherapy Help Manage Psoriasis?, Weatogue, Connecticut
If you have plaque psoriasis, there are various options to minimize symptoms such as itching, inflammation, and scaling. Many people treat the chronic skin condition with topical more
Dispelling 3 Winter Skin Care Myths, Weatogue, Connecticut
Winter is known for wreaking havoc on your skin. While treatments like chemical face peels rejuvenate dry skin, myths regarding cold weather and its impact on more
Skin Surgeon Explains How to Combat Winter Dryness, Weatogue, Connecticut
Cold weather damages skin cells, causing them to die. This results in dry, cracked skin which is uncomfortable and unsightly. Winter skin damage—similar to sun damage—can also speed more
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