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A Brief Guide to Anti-Lock Brakes, Branford Center, Connecticut
The anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a modern innovation that makes vehicles safer to drive. However, many motorists don’t know much about this feature. Here’s a quick guide on how ABS works and how to use it correctly to more
4 FAQ About Oil Changes, Branford Center, Connecticut
As a car owner, you’re warned frequently about the dangers of skipping oil changes. However, you may not know the purpose of this maintenance and how often your vehicle needs it. Here’s what you should know about oil and how it keeps more
Branford Center, CT
Branford Radiator Repair Service, Automotive Repair, Air Conditioning Repair, Auto Care, Branford, Connecticut
27 Jackson Dr
Branford, CT 06405-4010
(203) 488-7346
A reputable car shop is a crucial contact for your address book. Every day, you rely on your vehicle to get you and your family safely to work, the store, school, or soccer practice, so it deserves regular care and automotive r...
McDonald Construction, Inc. , Concrete Contractors, Home Additions Contractors, General Contractors & Builders, Branford, Connecticut
(203) 481-6363
A good construction company is hard to find, but at McDonald Construction, you will get a well-built structure finished on time, every time.  Two generations of the McDonald family have served the New Haven area since 1970, and ove...
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Do's & Don'ts of Handling Brake Failure, Branford Center, Connecticut
Brake failure is one of the scariest mechanical issues you can experience while in moving traffic. Fortunately, if you know how to respond, you can make it to& more
3 Signs Your Car Needs Air Conditioning Repair, Branford Center, Connecticut
A dependable air conditioner will make driving a much cooler and more comfortable experience, whether you're going around the block or embarking on a summer road trip. If your more
3 Common Reasons Why Cars Overheat, Branford Center, Connecticut
During the summer, your car is more prone to overheating due to the hot weather. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your engine’s temperature in check. Watch more
3 Driving Habits That Could Harm Your Car, Branford Center, Connecticut
When you think of car maintenance that will increase the longevity of your vehicle, oil changes and tire rotations might come to mind. While such tasks are essential, they’ more
3 Types of Car Fluid Leaks, Branford Center, Connecticut
A car in perfect working order shouldn’t leak fluid. If you notice a puddle beneath your vehicle each time you move it, there could be something wrong. Whether you need to schedule& more
4 Common Signs of Suspension Issues, Branford Center, Connecticut
Our vehicle’s suspension system is something we often take for granted until it eventually fails. Although you can still drive if this component is damaged, you’re not going to have more
5 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start, Branford Center, Connecticut
Even with regular maintenance and good driving practices, your vehicle can still fall victim to unexpected issues. If your vehicle refuses to start, you may be able to diagnose the more
4 Brake Issues & How to Spot Them, Branford Center, Connecticut
Functioning brakes are essential to your safety when driving, so identifying the need for brake repair is an important skill for any driver. There are different kinds more
5 Reasons Car Engines Overheat, Branford Center, Connecticut
Your car will warn you before its engine overheats. Smoke may stream from the hood, a warning light may light up on your dash, or your temperature gauge may slip into the red more
How Winter Weather Affects Car Radiators, Branford Center, Connecticut
Your car’s radiator extracts heat from coolant that passes through it, releasing the heat into air created by the fan. Frigid winter temperatures can disrupt the process, more
3 Car Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore, Branford Center, Connecticut
Like most machines, your car will tell you when it has a problem. It may trigger a dashboard indicator that specifies the issue, or its performance may be noticeably different. more
Why Is Your Car's Battery Light On?, Branford Center, Connecticut
When you’re driving your car, you may notice that the battery light is on. While a low battery could indeed be the cause, there are several other reasons why this battery may be more
Dashboard Warning Lights You Shouldn't Ignore, Branford Center, Connecticut
When a warning light illuminates on your vehicle’s dashboard, it’s best not to ignore it. In some cases, they indicate issues that may lead to breakdowns or accidents. While more
5 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Do By Yourself, Branford Center, Connecticut
If you have the right tools and experience, there are many car problems that you could fix on your own, such as changing a tire, jumpstarting a battery, or replacing a more
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