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How Are Violations, Misdemeanors, & Felonies Different?, Dalton, Georgia
Being charged with any type of crime can be nerve-wracking, but knowing which type of crime you’re facing can help you feel more in control of your situation. In Georgia and most other areas of the U.S., crimes are classified into three more
3 Ways Jails & Prisons Differ, Dalton, Georgia
While jail and prison are both used to hold people accused of committing a crime, there are still some fundamental differences between these two institutions. Knowing what makes them distinct from each other can help prepare you for more
Alexander, NC
A-1 Bonding Inc, Legal Services, Bail Bonds, Dalton, Georgia
1428 Cleo Way
Dalton, GA 30720
(706) 259-3511
Located across the street from the Whitfield County Sheriff Department in Dalton, GA, A-1 Bonding Inc. has served customers for more than 30 years by providing quality bail bonds to the people when they need it most. Whether you require ...
Feet on the Street Bail Bond, Specialized Legal Services, Legal Services, Bail Bonds, Concord, North Carolina
180 Church St NE, Ste B
Concord, NC 28025
There’s no reason to put your life on hold just because you’re having some legal difficulties. Let the experienced bail bond agents from Feet on the Street Bail Bonds in Concord, NC help you secure a federal bail bond so you can get on w...
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How is Bail Set?, Dalton, Georgia
If a loved one is arrested, the first thing you want is for them to come home. The fastest way to do that is to post bail—the arrested person is released from jail after paying a more
What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?, Dalton, Georgia
If you ever find yourself in legal trouble, you may benefit from contacting a bail bondsman in your area. It’s important to understand what these agents do and what the process more
A Guide to Bounty Hunters, Dalton, Georgia
You might be familiar with the general concept of a bounty hunter. But, unless you need one, you may not realize the many complexities of their important job. Also known as bail more
4 Important Steps to Take if You've Been Arrested, Dalton, Georgia
Being accused of a crime is a terrifying experience, especially if you’ve never been arrested before. While you may be tempted to panic, it’s important to stay calm and take steps more
What Happens If You Miss a Court Date?, Dalton, Georgia
There are few things judges frown upon more than a missed court date. Regardless if it’s an accident or intentional, failing to show up in court when you’re scheduled to be there is more
How Is Bail Different From a Bond? , Dalton, Georgia
Getting arrested for a crime is stressful enough, but having to stay in jail until your court date—especially if you’re innocent—can make the experience even more nerve-wracking. more
3 Best Sources of Collateral for Bail Bonds, Dalton, Georgia
A loved one getting arrested is a distressing experience, and even more so if the court requires a large monetary amount for their temporary release. While bail bonds can more
What is a Surety Bond & Why Would You Need One?, Dalton, Georgia
If you or someone you know has ever needed bail money to get out of jail, you may have encountered the term “surety bond.” Bonds are similar to loans you might receive from the bank, more
3 Common Mistakes to Avoid After an Arrest, Dalton, Georgia
After being arrested, many people are tempted to cooperate with police or prosecutors in the hopes of establishing their own innocence or receiving more lenient treatment. more
3 Reasons to Post Bail Instead of Waiting in Jail, Dalton, Georgia
If you are arrested, you may wonder if it’s worth the expense to post bail if there’s a good chance you will find yourself back in jail. While it may make financial sense to forego more
4 Main Factors That Determine Bail Amount & Terms, Dalton, Georgia
When a person is arrested, there are several factors that go into determining bail conditions. This decision is typically made by a judge during the initial court appearance. As the more
What Happens if You Post Bail But the Person Misses the Court Date?, Dalton, Georgia
The bail system is set in place to provide individuals with their freedom while they await trial. However, it is contingent upon the person showing up for their court date. So, what more
The Booking Process Explained, Dalton, Georgia
Getting arrested is a jarring experience, regardless of the circumstances. Whether the arrested person is facing misdemeanor or criminal charges, they’ll have to go through the more
4 Things to Look for in a Great Bail Bond Agent, Dalton, Georgia
In the unfortunate event that you find yourself behind bars, you’ll need the assistance of a bail bonding company to help you get out of jail quickly. Attention to detail and more
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