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3 Signs You Should Change Your Spark Plugs, Stillwater, Minnesota
Your car’s spark plugs play an essential role in your vehicle by igniting the engine’s air-fuel mixture. This gets the pistons to move, which ultimately allows your car to get from Point A to Point B. Worn spark plugs can contribute to& more
How Do Potholes Damage Vehicles?, Stillwater, Minnesota
Running over a pothole unexpectedly can cause a nervous jolt to go through you—and your car. More than just being inconvenient, these road depressions can create the need for auto repair. Use this guide to learn how they can harm more
Baytown, MN
Stillwater Auto Clinic, Auto Maintenance, Automotive Repair, Auto Services, Stillwater, Minnesota
12430 55th St. N.
Stillwater, MN 55082
(651) 351-7188
With decades of experience serving the auto needs of customers in the East St. Paul/Maplewood, MN, areas, Stillwater Auto Clinic has developed a reputation for being one of the best auto shops around. Their professionals have the experti...
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What Do These Troubling Car Noises Mean?, Stillwater, Minnesota
Over time, drivers develop a relationship with their vehicle, which allows them to notice when it is operating differently than usual. For example, if your car is emitting an more
How Teens Can Drive Safely This Summer, Stillwater, Minnesota
Getting a driver’s license is an exciting milestone for many high school students. However, if your teen is driving independently for the first time this summer, it's natural to more
A Guide to Car Suspension Systems, Stillwater, Minnesota
Your car's suspension system connects the wheels to your vehicle and significantly impacts ride quality. However, because of its role and position, it endures daily more
4 Reasons Your Car Might Be Low on Engine Oil, Stillwater, Minnesota
Dashboard lights are meant to warn you of a problem with your vehicle. When the symbol resembling a fuel canister illuminates, this often points to low oil levels in more
3 Possible Causes of a Broken Car Air Conditioner, Stillwater, Minnesota
During the midst of summer, sliding into your hot vehicle and waiting for the air conditioning to start working can be uncomfortable. However, the situation gets worse if your AC more
When Should You Replace Your Car Brakes?, Stillwater, Minnesota
The brakes are among the most critical parts of a car. By helping you slow down and come to a stop while driving, they prevent accidents. Most manufacturers recommend more
How Do Summer Temperatures Affect Automobiles?, Stillwater, Minnesota
On hot summer days, slipping inside your car that has been sitting out in the sun can be unpleasant. Besides that, exposure to extreme heat can also lead to mechanical malfunctions. more
What Does It Mean When a Car Leaks Oil?, Stillwater, Minnesota
Motor oil plays an essential role in vehicles by lubricating the moving parts of the engine. This makes following oil change guidelines so important. However, drivers may more
4 Tips to Prepare Your Car for a Long Road Trip , Stillwater, Minnesota
Going on a road trip is a fantastic way to spend quality time with family or friends, and it presents the opportunity to explore a variety of new places. However, before setting off more
4 Tips for Maximizing the Life of Your Engine, Stillwater, Minnesota
Most modern engines are extremely reliable, capable of carrying you hundreds of thousands of miles without a worry. However, your own driving habits and maintenance schedule can more
3 Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Warm Weather, Stillwater, Minnesota
As winter ends and the weather starts to get warmer, your car needs attention to make sure it's prepared for the change in temperature. There are several parts of your vehicle that more
3 Reasons to Change Your Car's Cabin Air Filter, Stillwater, Minnesota
Your car’s ventilation system has a filter to ensure the air inside your vehicle is clean and fresh. This cabin filter preserves the efficiency of your vehicle’s airflow more
4 Benefits of Regular Wheel Alignments, Stillwater, Minnesota
There are several important maintenance tasks you should prioritize when ensuring the proper function and safety of your vehicle. In addition to regular oil changes and air more
How Often Should You Replace Your Car’s Serpentine Belt?, Stillwater, Minnesota
Of the many auto repair issues that can affect your vehicle, those involving the engine can have the greatest impact on your safety and the ability to get from point A to B. While more
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