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3 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Washing Machine, Covington, Kentucky
Appliance repair technicians often receive service requests from homeowners and renters complaining about unfortunate odors emanating from the washing machine. While some situations do require washer repair, in many cases, more
3 Common Causes of a Loud Washer, Covington, Kentucky
Modern washing machines offer the convenience of quick and efficient garment cleaning. However, heavy usage and general wear and tear eventually result in the need for washer repairs. A common issue that occurs is loud noises more
Lewisburg, KY
Jack's Lawn Care, Snow Removal, Landscapers & Gardeners, Landscaping, Covington, Kentucky
Located in the Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio areas, Jack’s Lawn Care offers a myriad of lawn care, landscape and snow removal services. Whether you need help with the land at your home or at your business, Jack’s Law...
Complete Appliance Service, Appliance Services, Refrigerator Repair, Appliance Repair, Covington, Kentucky
1450 Dixie Hwy
Covington, KY 41011
(859) 431-1400
If you’re in the Northern Kentucky or Greater Cincinnati area, you can rest at ease knowing your home and appliances are in good hands. Complete Appliance Service has been serving the region since 1980, and they must be doing someth...
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Appliance Repair Experts Explain How Much Clearance Refrigerators Need, Covington, Kentucky
Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or simply moving some appliances around, there might come a time where you need to plan for refrigerator space. To ensure optimum convenience, more
3 Possible Reasons Your Dishwasher Is Leaking, Covington, Kentucky
Although homeowners rely on dishwashers to remove any traces of grease and food residue from plates, cups, and flatware, many people don’t think about the condition of the appliance more
3 Tips to Help You Prevent Garage Refrigerator Repairs This Summer, Covington, Kentucky
Many homeowners keep a spare refrigerator or freezer in their garage as an extra storage solution. While these extra appliances tend to deliver added convenience, their maintenance more
What Should You Do When the Refrigerator Won’t Cool?, Covington, Kentucky
Your refrigerator plays an important role in your home, and when it stops cooling, you face the prospect of losing all of your food. There is a variety of reasons it might be more
Appliance Repair Company Explains Why Your Washing Machine Might Be Leaking, Covington, Kentucky
If you notice your washing machine has been leaking, you’re probably pretty concerned. It creates a big mess and increases the risk of mold and mildew growth. However, the first more
3 Ways to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient, Covington, Kentucky
If you’re tired of paying high utility bills, a more efficient refrigerator can help lower your monthly rate. This doesn’t necessitate replacing it with a new model, either. The more
4 Common Refrigerator Questions & Answers, Covington, Kentucky
For most homeowners, having and using a refrigerator is an important part of their home life. However, many people are unsure how it works or what to do if a problem occurs. To help more
3 Common Reasons Your Refrigerator Feels Hot, Covington, Kentucky
The refrigerator is one of the most-used appliances in your home. It runs consistently to keep all of the items inside cool, and as a result, you probably notice the unit feels more
3 Common Refrigerator Repair Issues, Covington, Kentucky
Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home, and when it begins to slow down, the consequences can be costly. However, minor refrigerator repair issues more
How to Properly Use a Garbage Disposal, Covington, Kentucky
The garbage disposal is one of the most utilized appliances in many homes, making the process of cleaning up much easier. Unfortunately, many people don't know the best way to more
3 Signs It’s Time for Microwave Repair, Covington, Kentucky
Whether you’re not in the mood to cook or tight on time, a microwave is essential when it comes to convenient meal preparation. However, these devices don’t last forever, and an more
Landscape Design Ideas: Why You Should Use a Conifer Tree, Covington, Kentucky
Looking for a landscape design plan that adds stability to your yard and keeps it looking beautiful all year long? Consider planting conifer trees. The experts at Jack’s Lawn more
The Most Vibrant Trees for an Eye-Catching Landscape Design, Covington, Kentucky
Whether they bring an empty corner of your yard to life or serve as focal points among lawn settings, trees play a significant role in landscape design. When selecting a tree, more
7 Ways to Revamp Your Landscape Design for Fall, Covington, Kentucky
Fall is a great time to revamp your landscape design and refresh your curb appeal for the season. Serving the Greater Cincinnati area, Jack’s Lawn Care specializes in exactly that — more
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