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STEM And STEAM In Early Childhood, Cromwell, Connecticut
What are STEM and STEAM? Chances are that you have heard the terms STEM and STEAM before. You might be wondering what they stand for and why they are so popular in education. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. S...read more
How to Help Your Shy Child Make Friends at School, Cromwell, Connecticut
If you’ve recently enrolled your child in a preschool or kindergarten program for the first time, they may be feeling a bit timid around the other children. It’s fairly normal for some to be shy in these situations, but there are some si...read more
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Northwest Children's Center, Child & Day Care, Child Development Centers, Learning Centers, Cromwell, Connecticut
34 Coles Rd.
Cromwell, CT 06416
As a busy parent, knowing your child is in capable, caring hands during the day provides peace of mind. When families in Cromwell, CT, need reliable child care, preschool, and kindergarten programs, they put their trust in Northwest Chil...
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Young Children and Healthy Eating, Cromwell, Connecticut
At Northwest Children’s Center, we are committed to serving healthy foods and have been serving certified organic snacks since 2016. We encourage children to try different fruits and...read more
4 Ways the Arts Benefit Children , Cromwell, Connecticut
While every child grows differently, the arts can provide enhanced child development for all. Painting, drawing, music, dance, and other types of creativity boost cognitive...read more
How Outdoor Play Benefits Children, Cromwell, Connecticut
In today’s increasingly technology-dependent world, children are spending more time on screens indoors than ever before. One recent study found that children between the ages of two ...read more
How to Ease School Drop-off Anxiety, Cromwell, Connecticut
Starting preschool is a big milestone in every child’s life, but they may not handle it with the same excitement you feel. Young children entering preschool programs often exper...read more
Top 3 Qualities to Look for in a Child Care Center, Cromwell, Connecticut
Trusting others to care for your little ones while they’re at work or tending to other responsibilities is a big decision for most parents. That’s why you should do thorough research...read more
What Is the Importance of Music in Early Child Development?, Cromwell, Connecticut
The arts shouldn’t be outshined by other subjects like reading, math, and science. As a parent, you should expose your child to music as early as possible. An extensiv...read more
6 Children's Books to Read to Your Little One, Cromwell, Connecticut
Reading to your children is a critical step in child development. Not only does it help them with speech, life lessons, and brain power, but it also provides you an opportunity ...read more
The Do’s & Don’ts of Dropping Your Child Off at School, Cromwell, Connecticut
Parting with your child for the first few weeks of school can be nerve-wracking. Whether they’re joining a toddler care, preschool, or kindergarten program, you might not be use...read more
6 Tips to Get Your Child to Eat More Fruits & Veggies , Cromwell, Connecticut
Fruits and veggies are a vital part of a balanced diet, but sometimes getting your child to eat them is extremely difficult. However, there are ways to encourage your children to hav...read more
How a Social-Emotional Educational Program Helps Children With Anxiety, Cromwell, Connecticut
Children with high levels of anxiety may worry about seemingly trivial matters, throw temper tantrums, and cry frequently. While these habits are common among many young children, wh...read more
3 Social Benefits of Early Education Programs, Cromwell, Connecticut
High-quality preschools are designed to set up young children for future success, providing a foundation for learning that helps them thrive in kindergarten and elementary school. Th...read more
4 Ways to Establish a Successful Morning Routine During Child Development, Cromwell, Connecticut
During the early stages of child development, establishing a morning routine can be a tall order. You want the day to run smoothly on the way to a child care center or kindergar...read more
How to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool Programs, Cromwell, Connecticut
Heading off to early education for the first time is an exciting step in your child’s life. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn and grow, but they will need some help adjustin...read more
5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Preschool, Cromwell, Connecticut
When you’re choosing where to send your little one to start their education off right, you are met with a variety of preschool programs and child development centers, all vying ...read more
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