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5 FAQ About Paintless Dent Repair, Florissant, Missouri
Car dents aren’t an emergency situation, but the damage can worsen over time and reduce your vehicle’s resale value. Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a quick and easy way of repairing dents and dings without removing any paint. more
3 Tips to Avoid Car Dents at the Grocery Store, Florissant, Missouri
A trip to the grocery store shouldn’t come with damage to your vehicle. However, dents and dings are common in busy parking lots. If you experience this issue, finding a reliable paintless dent repair service is a must. To avoid this more
Florissant Old Town, MO Car Window Tinting Businesses
DentKO Auto Hail, PDR & Window Tints - Dents Removal, Auto Body, Car Window Tinting, Florissant, Missouri
507 Dunn Rd
Florissant, MO 63031
(314) 895-8468
Much like the clothes you wear, the look of your vehicle makes a personal statement. DentKO PDR Tint & Detail can help make sure this statement is one that reflects your sense of style and attention to upkeep. Offering...
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3 Misconceptions About Car Window Tinting, Florissant, Missouri
Car window tinting offers many advantages for vehicles and their passengers. However, there are errors that discourage drivers from choosing this upgrade. If you’re wondering about more
Let Us Handle Your Auto Hail Damage Repairs, Florissant, Missouri
At DentKO, we have been working in the paintless dent repair industry for 20 years. We pride ourselves on helping our customers deal with their insurance claim, repairing the hail more
4 Ways to Care for Newly Tinted Windows, Florissant, Missouri
Having tinted windows offers many benefits, from improving aesthetics to protecting the interior from the sun. Regular care and maintenance are necessary to ensure your more
Why You Should Go to a Professional for Paintless Dent Repair, Florissant, Missouri
There are many ways your car can get a dent, including inclement weather, nicks from others in a parking lot, flying debris on the road, and more. Fortunately, dent removal can more
How to Protect Cars From Hail Damage, Florissant, Missouri
Hail is one of the weather phenomena that car owners hate to see. Hail dents are unsightly, and the damage can significantly devalue the car for resale. To protect your vehicle more
What Are the Perks of Window Tinting for Cars?, Florissant, Missouri
Window tinting offers many benefits for vehicles. When you consider the practical and aesthetic advantages, the service is a worthwhile investment. Below are a few of the many more
3 Benefits of Auto Detailing Before Winter, Florissant, Missouri
There are many ways to be proactive in protecting your vehicle against winter weather, such as auto detailing. Road salt and ice can damage a car’s exterior, more
A Guide to Car Hail Damage & Repair, Florissant, Missouri
When thunderstorm updrafts carry water droplets, they can freeze and form hail. Hailstones are sometimes the size of a golf ball, causing injury to people and damage to property. more
What You Should Know About Missouri's Window Tinting Laws, Florissant, Missouri
Window tinting can keep the car’s interior cabin cooler and keep out harsh glare from the midday sun. If the film is too dark, however, it is difficult to see the more
3 Reasons People Invest in Auto Detailing, Florissant, Missouri
Chemicals, dirt, and other particles stick to your vehicle’s exterior while you drive. Although using a soapy sponge or garden hose will wash away some of the grime, only auto more
Hail Sale - Save up to $500 on Paintless Dent Repair, Florissant, Missouri
Save up to $500 dollars and get a free detail with Auto Hail Paintless Dent Repair.  Visit our website:, check out our stellar& more
How Window Tinting Will Help Protect Your Health, Florissant, Missouri
Unfortunately, skin cancer is a very prevalent health disorder in the U.S. While people are taking more precautions to prevent the occurrence of this disease, many people are still more
Do's & Don'ts of Window Tint Maintenance, Florissant, Missouri
Vehicle window tinting is a wonderful service that will protect you and your passengers from prying eyes and harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun while inside your car or more
5 Myths about Car Detailing, Florissant, Missouri
Car owners are in a constant struggle to keep their vehicles clean. Dirt, rain, and other substances can cause streaks to appear and different shades of grime. Here are some helpful more
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