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How to Prepare Your Home for Termite Tenting, Lihue, Hawaii
To eradicate the termite presence in your home, it’s often necessary to go ahead with a whole home fumigation. Before termite tenting occurs, however, you’ll need to take a few steps to protect your safety and possessions. Here’s a ...read more
3 Pest Control Tips for Avoiding an Infestation, Lihue, Hawaii
Termites, rats, mice, ants, and roaches all share one thing in common—they love to take up residence in houses. If they’re given the opportunity, you might quickly find that these pests have infested your home. So, what can you do to pre...read more
Kekaha-Waimea, HI Exterminators Businesses
Aloha Termite Kauai, Inc., Termite Control, Exterminators, Pest Control, Lihue, Hawaii
3920 Milikeleka Place, Bay #2
Lihue, HI 96766
(808) 245-3100
While no homeowner enjoys the prospect of having to deal with an unwanted pest infestation, it’s an issue that can quickly get out of control if not handled professionally. This is why the experienced team from Aloha Termite Kauai in Lih...
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3 Reasons to Take Rodent Control Seriously, Lihue, Hawaii
Everyone understands that termites can be enormously destructive, and most home and business owners will call a pest control service immediately if they suspect an infestation. ...read more
5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Bedbugs, Lihue, Hawaii
Once they invade your home, bedbugs can be extremely difficult to eradicate. These stubborn insects might be minuscule, but their ability to wreak havoc in the home is incomparable. ...read more
3 Different Types of Termites You Might Find in Hawaii, Lihue, Hawaii
If you have termites in your home, it can lead to serious damage and risk. It’s important to call a professional pest control company as soon as you see a problem. However, to n...read more
What You Should Know About Termite Tenting, Lihue, Hawaii
The idea of termites invading your house is one of the most disconcerting feelings a homeowner can encounter. While termite control is largely out of the hands of the property owner,...read more
The Basics on Bedbugs, Lihue, Hawaii
In the realm of household pests, there are few nastier than bedbugs. These tiny creatures are aggravating, persistent, and plentiful. If you’re worried about encountering these pests...read more
3 Tips for Preventing a Termite Infestation in the Home, Lihue, Hawaii
A swarm of termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home before you’re even aware you have a problem. As such, it’s important to learn how to prevent such a sc...read more
5 Signs Your Home May Have a Problem with Termites, Lihue, Hawaii
Termites are more than an annoying pest in your home. They can do long-term damage to the structure, making it unsafe for you and your family. At Aloha Termite Kauai in Lihue, H...read more
Top 3 Signs You Need Pest Control Treatment, Lihue, Hawaii
Every so often, you might wake up with a bug bite. That isn’t out of the ordinary; bugs are persistent, and they find their way into homes all the time. But, if you’re waking up seve...read more
3 Signs You May Need Termite Treatment, Lihue, Hawaii
Termites are a serious problem. Sighting just one bug can indicate your property is infested with the wood-eating insects. That’s why it’s necessary to know some of the signs you nee...read more
3 Reasons to Preventatively Treat for Ground Termites, Lihue, Hawaii
As much as you and your family may love your home, pesky home invaders might love it, too. The termite is the nemesis of any solid foundation, wreaking havoc on houses all ...read more
A Guide to Swarming Termites in Hawaii, Lihue, Hawaii
The two most common termites found in Hawaii are West Indian dry-wood and Formosan subterranean. By knowing how to tell the difference between these pests, you can identify which ter...read more
When Should You Call for Rodent Control?, Lihue, Hawaii
Knowing you have a pest problem in your home is an unpleasant experience for any homeowner, and you may not know when you should call for rodent control. This service is importa...read more
4 Benefits of Choosing Termite Tenting, Lihue, Hawaii
A termite infestation is one of the worst pest infestations you can have in your home. Termites are small and reproduce quickly, allowing them to enter all of the nooks and crannies ...read more
Why Protecting Your Home From Ground Termites Is Important, Lihue, Hawaii
Maintaining a home goes beyond general housekeeping and gardening. Did you know that pest control inspection is part of regular home care too? Homes should have periodic te...read more
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