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How is a Water Well Drilled?, Putnam, Connecticut
If you’re thinking about well drilling on your property, you may want to learn more about the process so you’ll know what to expect. This information may also help you find the right well contractor who fits your needs. Th...read more
4 Signs You Need Well Pump Repairs, Putnam, Connecticut
Your well pump is responsible for delivering a steady supply of water to your home. If it malfunctions, your water well will no longer function effectively and may even become contaminated. Fortunately, learning how to identify...read more
Thompson, CT Water Well Services Businesses
Dalmik Well Drilling, Well Drilling Services, Water Well Services, Water Well Drilling, Putnam, Connecticut
137 Providence St.
Putnam, CT 06260
(800) 922-6220
Anyone in the Putnam, CT, area who needs a water well drilled, or whose existing well needs maintenance, calls Dalmik Well Drilling. Dalmik Well Drilling is a fully-licensed, bonded, and insured residential water well contracti...
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How Often Do You Need Well Water Testing?, Putnam, Connecticut
Water wells provide a dependable source of clean water to your home. However, they may sometimes become contaminated by hard minerals, bacteria, and chemicals, which is why you shoul...read more
A Guide to Well Water Quality, Putnam, Connecticut
A well gives you a steady supply of water from your property once it’s installed, and it’s relatively easy to maintain. One task you will have to keep up with is water testing, ...read more
A Guide to Rotary Drilling, Putnam, Connecticut
Rotary drilling is a technique that utilizes a sharp, rotating drill to make holes in the ground. It drills about five to seven times faster than a cable tool, letting you compl...read more
What Is Hydrofracturing?, Putnam, Connecticut
Immediately after well drilling is completed, a well's yield is usually high enough to cover all of your water needs. But sometimes a well isn't sufficient to start with, or over tim...read more
3 Tips to Avoid a Frozen Water Well, Putnam, Connecticut
Winter weather causes havoc on your plumbing, and—if you get your drinking water from a well—it can lead to your water source freezing due to low temperatures. This could leave ...read more
4 FAQ About Water Well Drilling, Putnam, Connecticut
If you live in a rural area or one not serviced by the local municipality, installing a private well ensures your home will receive water. Well drilling is a complex proces...read more
The Importance of a Well Inspection When Buying a Home, Putnam, Connecticut
Most home buyers invest in a professional property inspector during the escrow process, which is a smart start as you need to know the condition of a home before buying it. However, ...read more
5 Ways to Avoid Well Pump Repairs This Winter, Putnam, Connecticut
If your home relies on a well pump to provide water, you may find yourself facing some seasonal challenges throughout the winter months. Freezing temperatures and snow can lead to is...read more
How to Winterize Your Cottage’s Water System, Putnam, Connecticut
After a relaxing summer at your vacation cottage, you want to be confident everything will be in working order come next season. If you’re anticipating freezing weather and snow, you...read more
5 Signs Your Well Needs Pump Service, Putnam, Connecticut
When your home relies on a well for water service, the system’s pump is responsible for keeping the resource flowing to your faucet. Fortunately, modern pumps can withstand a great d...read more
3 Questions to Ask Your Well Drilling Contractor, Putnam, Connecticut
Residential water wells provide numerous benefits; they allow you to break free from the municipal water system and save money on monthly bills. But, before you schedule a well drill...read more
A Well Contractor on 3 Benefits of Routine Maintenance, Putnam, Connecticut
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 15 million Americans use a private well for their water supply. Routine maintenance is essential in this case, ...read more
A Top Well Contractor’s Do's & Don'ts of Owning a Water Well, Putnam, Connecticut
Setting up a private well on your property is an excellent way of accessing a plentiful supply of fresh, great-tasting water. To keep it high quality, it’s important that reside...read more
3 Benefits of Building a New Well vs. Well Deepening, Putnam, Connecticut
A residential water well is your home’s source for a steady supply of healthy drinking water. However, if you have a low flow rate due to a shallow water well, your only options may ...read more
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